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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by AnimalTamer1, Jun 1, 2019.

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    Hey all!
    After a lot of debating and discussing, the staff and I have decided to tweak a few things when it comes to the helper application. Now the requirements have been changed to better suite how we view helpers. This is that they are trial Moderators and will be trained while they have the rank. As this is how the helper rank is viewed and held, the new minimum requirements are reflecting that.
    Now for what you all are waiting for, what these new requirements actually are.
    • The forums messages has been changed from 200 to 100 posts. This is of course the minimum, so if you have more that is amazing!
    • The successful reports has been changed from 100 to 50. This is a minimum, which means that if you have more then that is exceptional!
    • The forums activity is still at 3 months, as we felt this was still fitting for the required posts. Just make sure your forums account is 3 months old before applying.
    This also means that the helper applications have been reset! Yes it is a month early, but we were wanting to update the requirements and keep you all up to date as well!

    To those that may not have been contacted this last cycle:
    Do not give up! Just reflect on your behavior, forums activity, and reports. Be sure that you are reflecting the server well at all times (even when no one, like staff, may be watching) and continue to help the server/be active in the community!

    Good luck to all the applicants! ^-^
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Thread Status:
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