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Jul 1, 2016

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✅ Quality Assurance

You'll be testing our newest content that will reach thousands of players through the Bedrock Marketplace!


📑 Description of QA role

  • You will be testing Marketplace content before it will be released on the Marketplace.
  • Finding flaws in the gameplay, world conversion bugs or giving feedback on improving player experience.
  • Join QA-sessions with others to test multiplayer content.
  • Complete the tasks set by project leads.
  • Time commitment is important, we aim for 2/3 pieces of original CubeCraft content tested a week (Aiming at 2/3hours)

👀 Requirements

  • Need the minimum age of 16.
  • Able to sign an NDA - if you're under 18, you will require parental consent. Ensure this is okay before applying!
  • Own Bedrock Minecraft.
  • Be able to join calls & talk with other QA members.
  • Provide clear and precise constructive feedback and ideas for improvement.
  • Role-model: As a staff member, you will be looked up to by other community members.

⚖️ Values

  • Open-minded personality and team player, you get on well with others.
  • Strong knowledge of user experience. (How a user would approach a product).
  • Be able to work individually, but also as a team.
  • English writing & speaking skills.
  • Actively work in progressing our processes and use initiative.

💌 Rewards

  • Will have a QA rank on Discord and the forums.
  • To thank you for your volunteering we are also willing to write a job reference.

🛎️ Desired Traits

  • Already worked as a quality assurance member.
  • History of concisely reporting exploits and bugs within our network or outside the network.
  • Not afraid of giving constructive and creative feedback!
  • Good understanding of Marketplace.
  • Good understanding of the Bedrock systems.

✍️ What to include in your application

  • Bedrock username:
  • Discord username and tag:
  • How old are you? (Minimum 16+ to apply)
  • What timezone & country you live in:
  • English level of writing:
  • English level of speaking:
  • Time spend on Bedrock per week:
  • Past experience as quality assurance member:
  • Have you ever been punished by CubeCraft or any large Minecraft server? If so Explain:
  • Have any experience in giving constructive feedback?:
  • Give an example you have worked effectively as a team:
  • Anything else:

To apply for this position, use the questions given above and apply here by starting a new thread.
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