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Sep 17, 2017

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✅ Quality Assurance

Do you want to help out by testing and giving feedback on games and updates before they’re released, before everyone else? Would you like to help out with bug reports and testing? Then consider becoming a part of the Quality Assurance team!

You’ll be testing our newest content that will reach thousands of players through the Bedrock Marketplace, reporting any bugs found on the server to our internal bug handling system, and testing new content that will be released on our network!

📑 Description of QA Role

  • You will be testing Marketplace and server content before it will be released.
  • Finding flaws in the gameplay, world conversion bugs, or giving feedback on improving the player experience.
  • Forward bugs to developers and check if they are correctly fixed.
  • Join QA sessions with others to test multiplayer content, but also test items individually.
  • Complete the tasks set by project leads.
  • Time commitment is important - putting time aside to test any content we put forward to you or having the initiative to handle bug reports by yourself is important!

👀 Requirements

  • Need to be the minimum age of 16.
  • Able to sign an NDA - if you're under 18, you will require parental consent. Ensure this is okay before applying!
  • Own Bedrock Minecraft, Java is not a must but can result in more testing possibilities.
  • Be able to join calls & talk with other QA members.
  • Provide clear and precise constructive feedback and ideas for improvement.
  • Active on our platforms.
  • Role-model: As a staff member, you will be looked up to by other community members, and may need to answer questions regarding your role as a member of Team CubeCraft! 💙

⚖️ Values

  • Open-minded personality and team player, you get on well with others.
  • Strong knowledge of user experience (how a user would approach a product).
  • Be able to work individually, but also as a team.
  • English writing & speaking skills should be fluent enough for our team to understand any issues you've come across.

💌 Perks

  • Will have a [QA] rank in game, on Discord, and the forums!
  • Join our Team CubeCraft Discord to take part in events and socialise with the rest of the team!
  • An engaging experience to test our newest content before anyone else, for free!
  • Direct impact on our products - your feedback is extremely important to us, and so we are willing to discuss changing parts of a project to ensure the best player experience is met!
  • To thank you for your volunteering we are also willing to write a job reference.

🛎️ Desired Traits

  • Already worked as a quality assurance member, in or out of Minecraft.
  • History of concisely reporting exploits and bugs within our network or outside the network.
  • Not afraid of giving constructive and creative feedback!
  • Good understanding of Marketplace or the Server.
  • Good understanding of the Bedrock systems - Redstone, behaviors, etc.
  • Currently not in a different Marketplace team.

ℹ️ Information

  • After being denied, you can't re-apply for 60 days.
  • You can't combine the Quality Assurance Rank with a different team rank.
  • If accepted to the team, you can't apply for a different team for 6 months.
  • If you are accepted into another team within CubeCraft, you will not be able to apply for QA for 6 months.

✍️ How to apply

Has this thread made you excited about the Quality Assurance team? Then go ahead and apply to join our team!
To apply for this position, go here and fill out the form provided when clicking ‘Apply Here’.
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