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Points to Kits - KitPvP


Apr 6, 2014
United States
I thought it would be a good idea to be able to access certain kits by using points, so that the people that havn't donated/ don't have all the kits can have a way to access these kits.
For Example:
Tank #2 = 500 Points
Tank #3 = 1,000 Points
Tank #4 = 2,000 Points
Tank #5 = 5,000 Points
Tank #6 = 10,000 Points
Or there could be a way to rent out these kits for one live for smaller amounts
For Example:
Tank #2 = 100 Points
Tank #3 = 200 Points
Tank #4 = 500 Points
Tank #5 = 1,000 Points
Tank #6 = 2,000 Points
These are just prices I came up with off the top of my head and be changed accordingly to how the Developers think that it could be fair.
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