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Oct 20, 2021
i have noticed that in the last days players are lagging very much (every player) the game works fine but players are moving on 20 fps or lower and i just cant pvp like this and cant find other people with the same problem is is just me and my friends or do more people have this? (it is not bad internet if tested it with friend on multiple connections in different houses and different devices)

and i think there are 3 bugs
i dont know if this is a bug or not but a lot of times when i want to hit a player of the island he gets normal knockback but as soon as he reaches the edge than he gets no knockback how does this happen plz explain

crit hits
somtimes when i pvp with a player and we hit echother on the same moment every time he does more damage he does not jump or anything normal to do a crit hit but he just does more damage i have seen this in other treats but no one gave an anser so i wanna know is there a bug that players do more damage?

golden appels
somtimes when i eat a golden Apple doesnt work and friend an i have this somtimen that when you eat a golden apple it does almost nothing and somtimes it works fine (this can also be the crit hit bug) and somtimes when i eat a golden apple it wont eat im a holding right click it eats the apple but does nothing and i have the same apples in my hotbar as before but i keep holding right click i dont release it to early i keep holding it

sorry for my crappy English im from the netherland
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