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Player Reporting Guidelines and Formating

Discussion in 'Reporting Tutorials and Guidelines' started by CubeCraft, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Apr 4, 2017
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    As you play on CubeCraft (or any Minecraft server for that matter) you may have the displeasure of running into someone breaking the rules. While we do have staff online around the clock, the majority of our caught rule-breakers come from reports from players like you. The CubeCraft staff team tries its hardest to rid the server of rule-breakers, but we are only human; on a server as big as ours, it is impossible to monitor everything all the time, so we rely on the community to help us out. If you encounter someone breaking the rules and would like to help out the server, just follow this simple and easy to understand guide on how to properly report rule-breakers.

    We've moved to a NEW reporting system which you can read about how to use HERE. This thread will remain as a guideline on how to gather evidence to report players.

    Use of illegal modifications or Exploiting Bugs/Glitches: While a player using illegal modifications doesn’t require any warnings, someone exploiting needs to be warned at least once - Report immediately including video evidence of the player(s) clearly using illegal modifications or exploiting a bug.

    Inappropriate Skin/Username: No warnings required - Report immediately including 1 screenshot which shows their skin/username clearly.

    Teaming: No warnings required - Report immediately including video evidence of the players clearly teaming.

    Trolling or Camping: Warn them to stop the specific type of behavior they’re partaking in (see all trolling types in our rules) - If they do not comply, report them with video evidence which shows clear trolling and/or camping.

    Spamming, Swearing/Bypassing: Warn them that spamming is not allowed - If they do not stop after your warning, report them with screenshots of them continuing AFTER your initial warning.

    Targeted Chat Offenses: No warnings required. Report them immediately with screenshots showing them using targeted chat offenses toward you.

    Impersonation: Warn them that impersonating YouTubers, Staff, or other players is not allowed - If they do not comply, report the player with screenshots of them continuing AFTER your initial warning.

    Advertising an IP, Youtube/Twitch links and Scam Websites: If an IP or scam website is advertised, report the player immediately with screenshot evidence, no warnings required.​

    When warning a player, you have to clearly state what they’re doing wrong and ask them to stop kindly.

    Example: "Please stop spamming Playername."

    You do not need to continue to warn them, one warning is enough; if they don’t comply after your initial warning, you are free to report them!

    Remember, don’t become too emotionally involved with players that get on your nerves. Trolls and other rule-breakers have a habit of goading rule-abiding players into breaking the rules themselves. If you find yourself getting upset, always remember that you’re doing the right thing by reporting them and they will get the punishment they deserve.

    Screenshots: We do not allow cropped or edited screenshots of any kind in your reports. If we see any, we will ask you to edit your current report or make another report with the original screenshots. Every screenshot should also clearly show the rule-breaker(s) name. Screenshots should be no older than 2 weeks.

    -To take a screenshot in-game, press F2 on WINDOWS and Fn + F2 on MAC.

    -Once taken, upload the image directly onto the reporting site when creating a report.

    -If you still require assistance, contact a staff member to help you.

    Video evidence: Please make sure the quality of your video evidence is good enough that we can identify the player being reported as well as their crime. We do allow montages of illegal modification users as long as the video isn’t heavily edited, is only clips organized together and is under five minutes long. Video evidence should be no older than 2 weeks.

    - For report types (like illegal modifications and teaming) that require video evidence, you’ll need some sort of screen recorder. Here are some of the types you can find online:

    -Once you have recorded the offender(s), upload the video to a video hosting site like Youtube.

    -Wait for the website to process the video. When finished, paste the link to your video in your report.

    If it seems like your report is being ignored, please remember that there are TONS of reports submitted daily, and it’s awesome that so many people are helping us out! We appreciate any and all support in our efforts to make CubeCraft a fun, enjoyable, and rule-breaker-free server.

    Thanks for helping make CubeCraft a better place!

    - The Staff Team
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