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Ok royoyourboat_ Tried to help me and it didn't work

Discussion in 'Support' started by GODz Of Fire, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. GODz Of Fire

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    New Mexico
    OK royoyourboat it didn't work I didnt unbanned please fell me what it means bye Reason "Alternative Account to ECA" what does it mean and did you do /unban GODz_Of_Fire or AVATAR_Aang1 cus a subscriber told me I should play your guys server and do money Wars and I told him sure but I want get thisproblem solved also my parents are doing the virus scan so I can't try to get on until its done OK so I tried to join the server for the first time and when I try to join it says You have been banned from the server reason Alternative Account to: ECA I don't even know what that means but then royoyourboat_ Said I was unbanned then when I try to join it says the same thing and when checked the bans thing it said I'm not banned my first ign on my account is Avatar_Aang1 and my current ign is GODz_Of_Fire and when I try to make a ban appeal I type in my ign and it just disappears does any know why?!?!?!