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Not unbanned? Supposed to be?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports/Support' started by Romano Asil, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Romano Asil

    Romano Asil Member

    Aug 25, 2015
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    Dear Cubecraft,

    I was banned two days ago, for a name what wasn't allowed I was aware of this, but I couldn't change it back yet, I had to wait for it to be changed back to my name.

    Appeal code: 8544

    The previous name was 'Tering' and now its 'Blexes' I changed it as was asked:


    I changed my name, and then my request got 'unsuccesfull' It has to be that I get unbanned right? I mean people can make mistakes and for a in my eyes stupid joke with their name, you can get warned right? I hope that a staff-member reads this and can help me out. Because all I want is to play on the server, as much as I can.