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Jan 31, 2020
Very Dutch
Hello there! I’m here with a new suggestion about changing kits in PvP Duels, explicitly the current Eggwars duels kits.
These are the current “Normal” and “Overpowered” Eggwars duels kits:

Current Eggwars Duels Kit (Normal)

- Full Leather Armour (not enchanted)

- Stone Sword (not enchanted)

- Stone Pickaxe (not enchanted)

- 10 steak

- 16 Sandstone

Current Eggwars Duels Kit (Overpowered)

- Full Leather Armour (Protection V)

- Stone Sword (Sharpness II)

-Stone Pickaxe (Efficiency II)

- 1 Golden Apple

- 20 Steak

- 32 Sandstone

I think the kits are perfectly fine, but they don’t fit with the current Eggwars items and especially playstyle. I am suggesting to change the kits/add the kits below:

Note: The kits below are based on Overpowered items in Eggwars as it clearly is voted the most, I think half- and full health doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. (I’m talking about the voting before the game starts)

This kit represents the situation of Eggwars considered “early game” when you just have a bit of steak, most likely 2 Golden Apples (because of the kit) and a few blocks. Not iron armour because it’s just early in the game. I think this suits the category “Normal” in PvP duels as the fights won’t take that long, but not too short as you can 5-hit players with the current kit.

New Eggwars Duels Kit (Normal)

- Full Leather Armour (Protection IV)

- Stone Sword (Sharpness II)

- Stone Pickaxe (Efficiency II)

- 12 Steak

- 32 Terracotta (Red vs Blue) (Maybe also the colours of the armour?)

- 2 Golden apples

This is where it gets interesting, this next kit is considered “mid-late game”. People are geared up and have a lot of golden apples and TNT. Eggwars fights are very different from Skywars or FFA kit PvP, there is a lot of more strategy in Eggwars PvP: It’s about breaking the opponents gear with TNT (breaks your gear faster) and critical hits, changing your gear on time before it breaks and you get hit without the gear on, keeping an eye out on your saturation (eating a Golden Apple/steak on the right moment). I think this kit is really good for practising and will be a good replacement for the current Eggwars Duels Kits. I think this fits the category “Overpowered” because the fights usually take much longer.

New Eggwars Duels Kit (Overpowered)

- 2 (maybe 3) sets of Full Iron Armour (Protection IV)

- Diamond Sword (Sharpness V)

- Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency VIII)

- 32 Steak

- 64 Golden Apples

- 64 Terracota (Red or Blue)

- 64 TNT

- 1 Enchanted Golden Apple

Please react on this thread and give your feedback!
Thanks for reading! :)


Jul 12, 2020
The Netherlands
Hey, I see you have put much work in this thread, so you deserve way more reactions, so ima comment on this thread so that it gets relevant again :).
About the suggestion: i agree 100%. This has always been a weird thing to me, and it needs to change. However, I think 2 sets of iron armor is more enough for the new OP kit. I think the stack golden apples is a bit useless with a notch and 32 steak. The normal kit looks perfect to me.
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