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Armor Breaker Kit Price

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    Whenever I am on the server, which is about 12 hours everyday, I'm usually playing Money Walls. I have a couple suggestions for the game itself. Over the past week or so I've noticed a drop in people who play Money Walls and I believe its because there are so few maps. The only maps are Volcano, Arctic, and Prison; and I feel like if there were more maps to play on, more people would be on perfecting their strategies. Another suggestion I have is to add more kits or enhance the kits you have now. Many people I talk to in game say that certain kits, such as the "Enchanter Kit," are not worth it as you can just take some extra time to get the better stuff with the emerald, diamond, etc. The best reason that I've heard from people is that you can't get jaw-dropping enchants like Fire Aspect or Thorns because you have no bookcases. Maybe you can add a new effect kit like Strength and Slowness, or an item kit such as an "Armor Breaker" which could be a Stone Axe. If you did not already know an Axe lowers the durability a lot faster on armor than a sword does. I've tested that a Sharpness One Stone Axe is the same amount of Attack Damage as a Sharpness Two Wooden Sword. Sharpness Two Wooden Swords are 32 iron to buy it, and the "Money Man" kit is already a kit and it gives 32 iron, so the Armor Breaker kit wouldn't be overpowered at all. My last suggestion is to put in the Money Walls Abilities already!!! I've been waiting for them ever since I saw it in the GUI. My last request isn't a suggestion it's about the fun of the game. Over the past month I've seen some hackers who play Money Walls, but in the last two days I've seen more hackers and lose to them then i have for the entire time I've played. In fact I ran into about 4 autocritical hackers, about 2 kill auras, and one ridiculous speed hacker, just today. It's taking the fun out of the game, but I'll continue to play it until I can't take it anymore.

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    @Roroyourboat_ @Moooofin Inappropriate ign? lmao.

    Maps - Being made.
    Axe do not lower armour, this is only for McMMO - a plugin which CCGN does not support. Also - yes, an axe is the equivalent of the lower power sword (if that made any sense).
    Also, abilities for EggWars + MoneyWalls are being developed, however more important things are prioritised (Skyblock, Creative).
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    300-350 i have no money