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Login Errors and Issues

Discussion in 'News' started by Marco Slater, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Marco Slater

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    As you may know, lately you may have had issues in trying to log on to Cube Craft, or any other server's, or minecraft itself.

    This is because the minecraft login and sessions server have been down for quite some time now, what these server's do, is allow you to log in to minecraft or minecraft server's, if these are offline, you wont be able to log in to minecraft itself, or any server (yes, even stuff like the hive or hypixel).

    Here's some websites where you can check the status of the minecraft server's (owned & operated by mojang):

    Update #1: Sessions are online, so, if you are logged in to minecraft already, you will be able to join our server fine.
    Update #2: Logins are back online too. Seems like everything is running right now. (Although unstable.)
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Thread Status:
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