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[List] Allowed mods.

Discussion in 'Reporting Tutorials and Guidelines' started by Stefanvld, Aug 1, 2016.

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    [Warning]: This is no longer an official list, for the official list and requesting mods to be allowed, please go to THIS thread and contact Rororoyourboat. As this thread may contain some useful information, I'll still leave it here for now.

    SPOILER="Spoiler: Thread"]
    There is a lot of confusion about using mods, so here is an official list of what mods are allowed and what mods aren’t. The listed mods are the only mods you are allowed to use. Using a mod that is not listed here is not allowed and may result in a ban.

    The allowed mods are:
    ● Optifine
    OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod.
    It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for HD textures and many configuration options.
    Optifine is allowed, as it doesn't give you an advantage during gameplay but only increases the player's FPS.
    ● Labymod
    Imagine from google images.
    LabyMod is an All-In-One mod. It contains a whole lot of features and settings. These features are mostly based on the users ideas and requests.
    Labymods doesn't give you any unfair advantages so you're allowed to use it.
    NOTE: Do not use labymod in reports, or your report will be denied.
    More information here: Labymod & reports.
    ● ArmourStatusHD
    ArmorStatusHUD displays your currently equipped armour and held item along with the durability remaining without having to open your inventory.
    This mod is allowed, as it just displays your equipped armor and how much durability remains on it.
    ● Damage Indicator
    Damage Indicators Mod is a very useful mod that helps your display an interface Minecraft on your screen showing the life and health of the animal and mob you look at.
    This mod is allowed, as it just shows the opponents health when in combat.
    ● Minimap
    You are allowed to use any minimap mod, as long as it does not show you other players. This would give you an unfair advantage.
    5zig Mod
    This mod doesn't give you an advantage on gameplay, as it just displays your FPS, coordinates, armor HUD etc.
    ● TabbyChat
    This mod is permitted as it is only a chat gui overhaul to make keeping track of the chat easier.
    ● Shader Mods.
    As this only makes your game look fancier, shadermods are allowed. However, if a certain shadermod somehow gives you an advantage that will affect gameplay, it is not allowed.

    For now, these are the only mods that you are allowed to use on cubecraft. There are probably a lot more mods that would be considered appropriate to use, so if you want to request a mod to get added to the list, message me or a different staff member and we will look into the mod and decide whether the mod is appropriate or not. The list is not permanent, it will most likely get updated.

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