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Sep 15, 2018

Providing language support for millions of players around the globe and uniting hundreds of volunteers since 2018, our Translation Team is excited to now continue welcoming more ambitious individuals!

The Translation Team is a large translation and development volunteer program that provides an entertaining and educational space for volunteers to improve a handful of essential skills while making CubeCraft Games accessible beyond language barriers.

Allow us to take you on a quick trip through our team and showcase all the amazing qualities it holds... 🚂

🌍 Our Projects

The main goal of our Translation Team is to make the entire CubeCraft Games platform more accessible and enjoyable to our international player base.

We're currently responsible for translating over 115 individual projects, summing up to over 110,000 words, into a total of 22 languages...

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • European Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

📜Official Rules

Translating our Official Rules.

:cube_light: Forums

Translating vital community support threads, such as player safety or other guidelines.

💌 HelpDesk

Translating support articles at our HelpDesk.

🎲 Java & Bedrock

Translating both our Java and Bedrock network - anything from menus, lobbies to our cool games!

🔨 Moderation​

Assisting the Moderation Team in overcoming any language challenges they face, such as other languages reports. Here is how!
Fancy feature allowing Moderators to create a channel, seek our assistance, then close!

🌟 Future Goals​

The more the merrier! We're dreaming of... 🤩
  • Expanding to even more CubeCraft Games websites
  • Even greater competency and variety of languages within the Translator Staff Team
    • Translator Staff joining Marketplace!
    • Translator Staff helping translate News Threads before their release... 🤫

✅ QA & Implementation

To assure that the quality of our projects, the translations go through a few different stages before implementation, such as translating, proofreading, quality assurance.

Quality assurance is the final stage before implementation where the entire language team is required to vote on project quality.

image (51).png

How we vote... 🔥

The translation then goes live, though any new members can find existing translations and assist in further improving them!


Behind the scenes of all Java & Bedrock translations you see! 👀🎯

🛠️ Tools & Platforms

Our Translation Team uses a handful of different tools and applications to keep everything clean and organized while assuring that there is space for communication.

📝 Google Tools

  • We use Google Sheets to translate more conveniently, together as a team.
  • We have our personal Google Drive to keep all our projects, and Google Groups that give you access to those based on the language you translate for!

🗣️ Discord

  • Our Translation Team Discord is our main communication platform - socializing, discussing translations, meeting up, sharing announcements!

🌐 Notion

  • Notion is our all-in-one workspace where we keep track of all guidelines, translations projects, goals and achievements, calendars, meeting notes, and more!

👨‍👩‍👧 Volunteer Support

🧡 Translators

  • The heart of our Translation Team - working with others into providing the highest quality and quantity of translations possible.

💜 Proofreaders

  • The coaches of our Translation Team - helping Translators improve their language capabilities, double-checking translations and participating in recruitment by proofreading translations of candidates.

💼 Recruiters

  • The expanders of our Translation Team - answering questions regarding our recruitment system, reviewing hundreds of applications and forwarding the valid ones to Proofreaders.

💙 Team Leads

  • The mediators of our Translation Team - coordinating the progress of every language team, providing care and support for our members and keeping the communication of our Translation Team at a high standard.

🖥️ Developers

  • The architects of our Translation Team - talented volunteers in the IT-sphere that help provide our Translation Team with more advanced tools.

🏀 Events

  • The entertainers of our Translation Team - creative individuals who help sustain a fun and motivating environment by organizing unique games, competitions, giveaways and keeping our social channels active.
We've got lots of different types to offer... 😏 but here's a sneak peak!

Fun Games

Competitive Events

Lots of competitions! Such as the Art Competition we're hosting to celebrate applications release and 2,5 years Translation Team. 🎨
Wanna join it before it ends? Apply now! 👇

Translation Team Survival
Survival .png

That's right! Provided by CubeCraft for our team to use... Look at those awesome team builds! 😍


❤️ Heads of Translations

  • The core of our Translation Team - having full responsibility over our entire Translation Team and project, ensuring that goals are set and accomplished, and that everyone feels happy and healthy.
    💙 Translation Administration: @Elenahh & @Eli
    • Providing coordination, care and training to our Heads Team and maintaining communication of our team and project with the Admin Team.

    🗣️ Head of Communication: @Fisktratt & @miguelitoindus
    • Providing care, coordination and training to our Team Leads, ensuring we keep our communication at a high standard - both internally to our Translation Team and externally to the server community.

    💻 Head of Development: @Majksa
    • Providing care, coordination and training to our Development Team, setting goals and expectations for our Development projects.

    🦄 Head of Events: @Ge1ster
    • Providing care, coordination and training to our Events Team, setting goals and expectations for the entertainment and motivation of our Translation Team.

    💼 Head of Recruitment: @Lozora
    • Providing care, coordination and training to our Recruitment Team, ensuring that we onboard capable Translation Team and Translator Staff members.

    🌍 Head of Translations: @FocusTurtle & @NotAName
    • Striving towards improving both the quality and quantity of our translations, breaking barriers that block our progress and implementing completed translations.

✨ What can we give you

Learn more about the many benefits you can gain from volunteering for our team! 💪💝

🌠 A Purpose

  • Feeling a sense of duty and belonging, collaborating with many into determining the success of a massive project!
  • Having your work seen by the eyes of millions, assisting in improving the gaming experience of one of the largest Minecraft networks in the world!

🧠 Knowledge & Experience

  • An environment that allows you to learn and grow, providing personal feedback, a great variety of tools, training and role opportunities.
  • To thank you for your volunteering we are also willing to write a job reference - an employer can reach out to the CubeCraft Administration for confirmation of contributions.
👋 Pssst... The more you contribute and learn, the more you could add to your CV!

🥳 Fun Experience

  • Enjoy the fun and unique games, tournaments, competitions that our Events Team provides for us!
  • Meet, socialize and build invaluable friendships with kind and helpful individuals from around the world!

🎁 Prizes

  • Win lots of Translation Team coins by participating in events and giveaways! Use those to later purchase cool CubeCraft store items through our fancy shop!
👋 Pssst... Private giveaways for your language team! The more you translate, the bigger your chance is to win!

💖 Translator Staff

  • If you prove yourself to be truly devoted to our cause and capable of your roles, you will earn the chance to become a member of the CubeCraft Games Staff Team!
  • Being a part of our Staff Team also means helping us expand to more special projects and providing translation community support, such as responding to translations suggestions, issues or questions.

💌 Apply Here

If everything that you saw convinced you of joining our cause, we would be thrilled to get you on board! Waste no time, join us now! 👇

👉 Translation Team Applications👈

Thank you! Looking forward to meeting you ❤️
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