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Kit PvP Clear inventory button.

Apr 14, 2014
Sheffield, UK
By clear inventory, I mean the items get deleted and not thrown on the floor, and there could be a thing that makes it so you can't use when under 3 hearts.


Feb 2, 2014
United Arab Emirates
Yeah I think its a good idea.
I hate having dem stone and wood swords in my inventory, every time I try to get rid of the junk in my inventory someone kills me .-.
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Please take a look at my response to Younisco’s PvP suggestion thread. A put quite a lot of effort into it. https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/pvp-suggestions-we-need-your-help.250079/page-6
Wont be able to play next week from sunday till friday 😢.
ill be back on saturday.
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thank for following o_O
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Is this Patrick?
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