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Jan 3, 2014
Crazy Land
Although I may not be the best person to be writing guides on the IRC, I'm going to write it anyway. For the people who can't be bothered to google these things or just can't seem to figure it out, I hope you will find this helpful.

Firstly what is an IRC?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. Basically you can talk to multiple people through typed messages live.

What's an IRC client?
An IRC client is a program you use to access these chatrooms. Of course, you could just access it on the internet and bookmark it for easy access (like I did) but if you use it a lot it may be worth getting an IRC client. If you want to know the different clients that are available just click this link. http://bit.ly/1bQSjjA xD

How do I get onto the cubecraft IRC?
Simply click this --> http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#cubecraft&uio=Mj10cnVlJjk9dHJ1ZSYxMj10cnVl55
Then enter your nickname and the captcha click connect and you should be on.

But couldn't people impersonate me easily?
To stop this you can register your nickname so other people can't use it.

How do I register my nickname?

1. Go onto the IRC normally using the nickname you want to use
2. In the chat bar enter:
/msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com
Replace the password with a secret password that nobody knows that you would like to use so you can identify yourself. I would recommend keeping it short and something you would remember as you only have 30 seconds at the start to enter it in along with the command once you open the chat, if you miss the time it will change your name to Guest, trust me I've been too slow a lot of times... Also replace youremail@example.com with your email. Don't worry, like in minecraft things starting with / won't be shown to the other people in the chat.
3. After registering you will get an email with a command that you need to type in to verify your account. Find the email then simply type it into the chat bar and your account will be verified.

How do I log in?
Go into the IRC chat using the nickname you registered with and use the command
/ns identify (password)
and you will be identified for your username.

But when I come on the chat I can still type before identifying myself?
If you enforce the username then you will have 30 seconds to type your password and log in before your name is changed to guest. To do this, whilst logged in type:
/ns set enforce on
then next time you log in you will have 30 seconds to log in.

I hope this helped you learn the basics of the IRC. If you think that I've forgot something feel free to post it. If I was unclear about something or you still don't know what to do or I've confused you, just ask me and I'll try my best to help.

The internet (I've lost the actual websites by now and I deleted my history earlier)
My brain.
Help from and @halothe23 for actually telling me that these commands existed in the first place and @awesomepingu2005 for explaining to me exactly how to register my username.
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Jan 3, 2014
Crazy Land
Oh, and if you want to change your password or typed it in wrong the first time you can do
/ns SET PASSWORD mynewpassword
to change it.


Jan 4, 2014
Setting up IRC999 (iOS)
Upon starting the app you should be faced with a channel list, this will probably be empty. Press the "edit" button in the top left.

This will add a few new options for adding servers and channels:

You want to tap "Add server" first. Use the settings below, apart from the name fields (Nickname, real name, and username) which you can change to whatever you want.

Once done, you want to edit again, and this time, add a channel to the server you just added. Mirror the settings below:

Finally, on the main screen again, while not in edit mode, tap the channel and it'll join, enabling you to speak from your iOS device :)
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