I'm banned for failure chests op on SkyWars

Discussion in 'Support' started by NogaGamer, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hello, my username is: NogaGamer.
    I was banearon for the following reason: I was in a party of chests op with a moderator of the server, and it turns out she had a bow to power three and she shot me 3 arrows that hit me and pushed me back and then I returned to same place and thought moderator wearing anti-knockback but it was not so.
    Thank you for viewing this message, and I hope to help me.
    PS: I've banned one year
    PD2: I already miss an appeal but have rejected me and leaves me will try again
  2. I don't think that this is the place where you should appeal again for a ban. ALL the staff members of cubecraft won't ban someone without evidence or being 100% sure about the player having hacks / breaking the rules. Its also posted in the wrong section. . you can see who banned you on the webpage : https://bans.cubecraft.net/?username=NogaGamer , in this case it was Discoloration . Discoloration is a secret staff member i think ? and she/he is not someone who you can start a conversation with because she is unknown on the forums , Goodluck with getting your unban :)
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    If your appeal got denied there is no way of getting unbanned erlier than the staffmember has said so. Unless you somehow got clear evidence that you we're not hacking. These cases are pretty rare, because why would you not use this evidence in your appeal? But I'm getting off-topic. So you appealed and it got denied, so you probably are just gona have to wait...
    Further on, this is not posted in the right section. Please post your thread in the correct section next time :D
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    Check your username and message the the mod/admin who banned you, since it passed one year they may unban you.
    @OmegaKoek, that's not true, staff members are humans who can make mistakes, even though it's unlikely they could have made a mistake.
  5. @Guardi4n Maybe you could read my post better :) , I said that they are banning people with evidence or if they are 100% sure that they have seened him hacking. I never said that there is no way of being unbanned nor said that staff are not humans.

    Question has been answered :D

    Lock ?
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