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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by xWindHD, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Hello friends of CubeCraft today introduced me to have a range of helper or moderator, as e I seen that CubeCraft not have people who speak Spanish (Since I am from Argentina, my country speak Spanish) Sorry if you notice any errors in such talk English study but like many in Argentina. I leave my request with everything (just wanted to clear that up).

    - Name: Ariel German Salinas

    - Nick: xWindHD

    - Country: Argentina

    - Pickup on PC: Weekdays between 4 and 8, the end of week 6 and 9

    - What plugins do you know?: Survival Games, MGSkyWars, WordEdit, ClearLag, Factions, Multiverse-Core, PermissionsEx, NameTags, AutoSave, PlotMe, TNTRun, TNTTAG, NoCheatsPlus, Jobs, Citizens, PVP Fly, ZavAutoMessager, worldguard, MinigamesLib-1.12.1 TagAPI, Vault, HolographicDisplays, Anti Fly....

    - What experience have on other servers ?: I went Admin Moderator and then in CraftingSlimes for 5 months (Cerro because the owner could not keep the host but 100 people came to have constant) Create a server with a friend that I have yet drawn ai
    since this set and plugins posts but my friend is irresponsible so I left, I went moderated a Brazilian server for 1 year (Honestly they accepted me to help people who ablaba Spanish and help them with plugins, that also serrated)

    - What hacks could name? and Why ?: FLy used (fly)
    Antiknockback (you throw arrows, snowballs, etc. The user will not move)
    Projectiles (shows the path of materials that can arojar)
    Kill Aura (hits very fast and automatically)
    Do not Fall - (no damage to the falls)
    FastPlace (Power placing blocks very quickly)
    xRay (To see through blocks)
    Huzini (It is very famous because it has almost all the hacks together)
    Invisible: Lets be invisible
    Nametags: Lets see tags people at a great distance
    Criticals (the usiario performs critical hits on all attacks)

    Note: These are the most used eh known

    PS: I thank you for reading this, I wanted to add that I am very good modifying and building lobbies, besides having a remarkable experience with servers are pretty plugins, and what not learn rapidly (On the computer I'm good, Sorry my seriousness in this matter but this is seriously then you want to take as much as possible to avoid problems cerium .... but then e to say that in minecraft chat speak and helped a lot.
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    We don't accept applications sadly, but if you'd like to get more involved in the community, and with lots of patience, you could become a mod in the near future :)
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    You can't apply for mod, pretty much what NanoNet said.
    /thread locked.
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