How to download and connect!

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    First of all, you need to download the client!
    You can find all the download links to the appropriate computer you have here:
    select the appropriate one for you, then simply click download. Download and install this, then open up your teamspeak client.

    To connect, first of all you need to know the Cubecraft TeamSpeak IP.
    The IP is:
    Then, after you have opened up your TS client, you should have a page which looks like this:
    After you see this, click connections in the lop left, then click connect.
    In the Server Address section this is where you put the IP, in the Nickname section, simply put your IGN (in game name) for easy recognition. Do this, like below:
    Then press connect.
    There! you are now connected to CubeCraft's TeamSpeak! :)

    Note: if you are using TeamSpeak for the first time, you might come across this:
    All you have do to is click start to increase your security level.

    Don't know what TeamSpeak is? Here is a description:
    TeamSpeak is basically what it says in the name, you are able to speak to others together. It is easy to use. Its better than Skype as it requires no "add someone" to speak to them, you can simply download, connect and start speaking to others which you wouldn't necessarily speak to if TS wasn't used! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.