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How to ask for help / How to report a bug.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by johncoles, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. johncoles

    johncoles CEO Staff Member Owner

    Jan 6, 2014
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    Manchester, UK
    Hello all!

    I'm new on the staff so you might not have heard of me. I'm John (as you may have guessed from my username ;)). I have a tendency to read this forum more than others.

    Recently I have noticed that people are asking for support or reporting bugs that are completely useless as they have no information in them. Please read the information below on how to ask for support or file a bug.

    1) Make sure there is an issue
    Before you post a bug report or help topic please, please, please make sure there is an issue. Posting a topic with vague information takes time to solve meaning it is longer for you to find a solution. It's even worse if there wasn't an issue to start with. Just make sure the basics are in order, your internet is working, your Minecraft is the right version for the server.

    2) Has someone else had an issue?
    Make use of the search function up there on the right. Whack in a few related words and see if there is already a post. If there is, there's probably also a solution therefore saving us all time. If your issue is something not directly related to the Cube Craft Games server then try a quick Google. You would be surprised at how many issues I solve by Googling and regurgitating the first result.

    3) Use a proper title.
    If you title is all in capital letters or has multiple letters where the need not be I automatically read your topic last. Why because it's the same people who put the least amount of effort into their actual report. If you have an issue connecting to the server the title your topic appropriately. A title of "Issue connecting" is better than "HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!" or "OMFG TEH SUVOR IZ DWN".

    4) Provide details.
    Whilst a good title is important so is a good post. Just asking us to read the title isn't good enough. Let's say you were having an issue connecting to the server post the contents of the error message allowing us to look in to it. Another example is saying that someone said something in chat. Well a lot of people say things in chat, giving us a username, time, date and server all help. Generally thought please try to include the following information for the type of report:

    Game Bugs:
    • What game? (eg Sky Wars)
    • What map? (eg Trees)
    • What date?
    • What time?
    • Mac, PC or Linux?
    • Was there an error message?

    Website Bugs:
    • What page?
    • What was the error message?
    • What URL?
    • What OS and Browser are you using (eg Mac OS 10.9.1 with Chrome 23).

    5) Evidence.
    This isn't the most important part bug a screenshot of the bug or even better a video of a glitch come in really handy when we are trying to debug issues. Describing an issue and just uploading a video to YouTube and then posting it are two different things, the latter is more useful most of the time.

    Finally I would like to thank those of you who already do this and thank you for reading this. I apologise if this is a bit "ranty" but I want to solve your issues as quickly as possible. If you have a major issue feel free to tag me in to it and I will look at it ASAP.

    For those wondering what happens behind the scenes when a bug is reported I then go and investigate it. Using your information and my own testing it becomes a formal bug report that I then go and shout at @halothe23 and @rubik_cube_man on Skype about correction I then file in out internal bug report and development tracking software.

    I hope this helps someone and I look forward to reading your beautifully constructed reports and support requests.

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