How Does Recruitment Work?

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by CubeCraft, Feb 9, 2018.

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    Hi, everyone. There seems to be a lot of confusion about how helper recruitment works, so we figured it would be best to address some common misconceptions.

    The most common misconception is that the staff manager decides who is given the helper rank. In reality, the entire moderation team is asked to review valid applicants before they are hired. At no point will they make the decision alone to hire you.

    So how exactly does recruitment work? When your application is submitted, it is viewed first by the helper recruitment team. This is a small team comprised of diligent staff, mostly senior mods, that have demonstrated that they are proficient at analyzing large amounts of data and information. We get thousands of applications whenever we open up helper apps to the public, so staff with a lot of free time and an eye for detail are vital to this team.

    We have a simple, color-coded organizational scheme that we use to help us keep track of valid applications. Red means the applicant doesn't meet minimum requirements, orange means they do meet minimum requirements, and green means they meet minimum requirements and we haven't found anything that would disqualify them from becoming staff, i.e. egregious past punishments, troublesome/illegal online activity, basically anything unbecoming of a member of staff. All orange applications are given a thorough background check which includes everything from their punishment history to their reputation on other servers to their report quality. The recruitment team will hold a meeting to discuss every orange application. If nothing of concern is discovered and all members of the recruitment team agree, the application is turned from orange to green. All green applications receive an interview, which is recorded and reviewed by the recruitment team.

    After all members of the recruitment team have reviewed the applicant and their interview, we discuss their prospects as helper. If everyone is in agreement, we then ask the rest of the moderation team for their opinions and feedback. No decision is made until every moderator has given their feedback on an applicant. If the feedback on an applicant is mostly positive and the moderation team does not discover anything that disqualifies this applicant from becoming a helper, they are invited to join the team.

    Had we known helper recruitment would become such a contentious topic, we would have made this thread sooner. We hope this clears up some of the confusion and rabble that's been roused up over the past few months. Best of luck to everyone that applies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.