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The information provided below is to answer any questions applicants have regarding helper and the application process.

Q: What are the requirements to apply?
A: You must:
  • Be at least 14 years old.
  • Be able to speak/understand English (Verbally and Typing).
  • Be active on the network.
  • Have Discord and Forums account.
  • Have a working microphone.
  • Be familiar with all of the rules.
  • Have the ability to record.
  • Not have active punishments.
Applications that do not reflect the applicant meeting these requirements will be unsuccessful.

Q: Is there an age requirement for applying?
A: You must be at least 14 years of age to apply.

Q: Can I be staff on just one platform (Bedrock, Java, Discord, etc.)?
A: Yes, you may be just staff on Bedrock or just on Java, although having both platforms is preferable. You can not, however, be staff on just Discord, the Forums, or the Server (Bedrock/Java). If you are staff on the Server, you will be staff on the Forums and Discord.

Q: Does /report (in game) count as a website report to apply for staff?
A: Yes, these reports will be considered when you apply and will be asked about as well!

Q: I have been punished previously. Will I still have a chance?
A: To put it simply, you will have a chance but they will be taken into account for every applicant. If you are currently punished, you will be unsuccessful.

Q: Can I write my application in a language other than English?
A: No, simply because the Staff Team needs to be able to communicate with each other and thus English is the main language.

Q: I am not active on the forums. Would that affect my chances?
A: It will affect your chances to an extent. We do not have a minimum requirement for this any longer, but we do want staff members that are interacting with the community and involved in it. This means that if you are active on the forums it will help your chances.

Q: Where can I apply for helper?
A: You can find more information on how to apply HERE.

Q: How do I know if I have been accepted/denied?
A: Your application will have a prefix added to it, depending on the stage you are in. This means that if you are checking back to your application you will be able to tell. You also will be contacted if you are unsuccessful, interviewed, or successful.

Q: I am unable to use voice chat for the interview, does that mean I can not apply?
A: In short: yes. We need to be able to chat with you in more than just typing. There also is an interview step in the application process that requires a Discord call.

Q: What should I do if I have not been accepted?
A: You will be told in response to your application a brief reason for being denied and what you need to improve on. From there you will work on that and then reapply at the designated time that was sent to you.

Q: How long does a cycle last for?
A: Cycles have been removed, and are more of an internal process. What this means is that there will no longer be a public announcement of this, but rather you will be told when to reapply.

Q: I made a mistake on my helper application. What should I do?
A: You will be allowed to edit your application and change it! If it is already unsuccessful, then please read the reason for denial and when you can reapply, then go from there.

Q: If I edit my applications, would you guys give it another look?
A: If your application is still in the considering stages, then definitely. If it has already been unsuccessful, then please read the reason for denial and when you can reapply, then go from there.

Q: Who decides whether an application gets accepted or denied?
A: There is a recruitment group consisting of a few staff members who would go into discussion and look into things before coming to a decision, so it's not based on one person's choice alone.

More information on how the helper application works can be found HERE.
More information on helper applications can be found HERE.
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