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Aug 26, 2015
Hey applicants! Do you have a question regarding the Helper position? Chances are you will find your question here! If you do not see your question, please ensure you read the initial information post over here. If you still don't see your question, you can ask a SrMod or me (Cynamooo).

Q: Where can I apply for a helper?
A: You can find more information on how to apply HERE.

Q: Can I be staff on just one platform?
A: Yes, you are allowed to be staff only on one version. You will have to choose between either Java or Bedrock. However, you are not allowed to be staff on just Discord or the forums. As a staff member, you must moderate on our three platforms (Discord, Forums and the server).

Q: Does /report (in-game) count as a website report to apply for staff?
A: No, not really. Reporting in-game is much easier than creating a website report. By creating a website report, you can show us you have put time and effort into making that report, as well as being able to spot rule-breakers.

Q: If I have punishments, will I still have a chance?
A: Depending on how long ago and how many punishments you had before, your chances may vary. The more recent a punishment, the lower your chances of acceptance are.

Q: Can I write my application in a language other than English?
A: No. You are not allowed to write your application in another language. Staff members are required to control the English language to do their job.

Q: If I am not active on the forums, would that affect my chances?
A: It will affect your chances to an extent. It is why we introduced our general forum posts requirements. The more active you are, the better!

Q: How do I know if I have been accepted or denied?
A: Your application will have a prefix, depending on the status of your application. You will always get notified if you move on to another stage, and your prefix will change accordingly. If you get denied, you receive a denial reason on what you need to improve on.

Q: If I can not use voice chat for the interview, does that mean I can not apply?
A: Yes. We need to be able to chat with you in more than just typing. The interview also requires you to use your voice, so not being able to do the interview means not having a possibility of succeeding.

Q: If I made a mistake on my helper application, can I edit my application?
A: You are allowed to edit your application and change it! If it is already unsuccessful, please read the reason for denial and when you can reapply, then go from there. If your application is still in the considering stages, then definitely!

Q: Who decides whether an application gets accepted or denied?
A: Our recruitment team, consisting of our SrMods, will deal with your applications!

Q: What does a helper do and, how long will it be open?
A: Applications are open indefinitely. As a helper, you will be doing quite a few tasks! You can find a summary HERE.
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