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Helper Applications [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Mac, Aug 15, 2016.

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    I've reposted the post by Luke just to bump the fact that helper applications are still open. Read below to find out how to apply and what we look for in a helper!

    This is a guide for the application form. It is highly recommended you read this through before applying. If you lie in your application this will result in you being denied.

    We have a team of Sr.mods and admins who will be looking through these applications as efficiently as possible. You will only receive a reply to your application, if you are successful. And @Mac or @Tacosbefriends will inbox you on the forums, letting you know you have been successful and scheduling an interview on TS. Please do not leave your email, phone number or any other personal information as it is not necessary. This is why we require you to have an active forums profile.

    What do we look for in an application?

    Honesty - This is my personal must have quality. If you lie, then you are representing something or someone that isn't you.
    Community - Being active on the forums is a must have! If you have 0-10 messages then it is highly unlikely you will be took on. Being active on social media and supporting our Twitter account for example, is always a bonus. Being social in general, such as if you are on Discord or TS. We look at the quality of your posts/threads on the forums, to determine maturity, dedication and other attributes. This includes if you say in your application form "I want to stop hackers", and we check your forums profile and you haven't done a single report. We won't take the application seriously.
    Multilingual - It's not essential, but it is a huge bonus if you can speak another language other than English, such as Dutch or Spanish

    Remember what you are applying for

    Many applications we have received in the past, have tried to apply for web developer, builder or graphic designer. This is a helper application form. We are looking for dedicated community members who want to help our network in moderating the server, looking for any rule breaking and keeping a nice, fun and safe chat.

    What does a helper do and how long will it be open for?

    Applications will be open for a short amount of time now, so be fast. You will be required to monitor lobbies and look out for players needing assistance. You have to have a great ability to listen and follow instructions. Play our games and interact with the community, while looking out for any rule breakers. Monitor the forums for good suggestions, bug reports etc and be social. Teamwork is a good quality to have, there have been quite a few situations where staff members have to be working together to sort out various problems that can/have occurred.

    If I have been banned or muted before will I still have a chance?

    Yes, depending on the situation. If you have fully explained the reasoning, understood the mistake and took fully responsibility. Then you will have the same chance as every other applicant.

    I haven't received a response what do I do now?

    Do not spam staff about your application this will reduce your chances greatly. If you haven't received a response over a month, then you can always apply again but try to think where your application failed, and re-evaluate yourself, do I need more forums activity? should I do more reports?

    Please apply HERE

    If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a conversation on the forums. You will be given more information about the next process which is the TeamSpeak Interview.

    So best of luck to everyone who applies!
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