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    Hello CubeCrafters!

    Thank you so much for showing interest in becoming a voluntary staff member. As a staff member, you are representing us and the community. We want enthusiastic, community driven individuals who simply just want to help make this network even better. Does this sound like something you want?

    Read below to find out how to apply and what we look for in a helper! Make sure to read the entire thing before applying! If you lie in your application this will result in you being denied.

    We have a trained team of staff who will be looking through these applications as efficiently as possible. You will only receive a reply to your application if you are successful. @AnimalTamer1 will inbox you on the forums, letting you know if you have been successful. An interview will be scheduled on our community Discord. Please do not leave your email, phone number or any other personal information as it is not necessary, this is why we require you to have an active forums profile.

    What do we look for in an application?

    • Honesty: This is a must have quality. If you lie, then you are representing something or someone that isn't you.
    • Community driven: Being active on the forums is a must have! Suggesting new content ideas and improvements to our games. Being active on social media and supporting our Twitter account for example, is always a bonus. Being social in general, such as if you are on Discord, we also look at the quality of your posts/threads on the forums, to determine maturity, dedication and other attributes.
    • Multilingual: It's not essential, but it is a huge bonus if you can speak another language other than English, such as Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, or Swedish.
    • Reports: Reporting is all about quality over quantity. If we see that you made 10 reports but only 2 out of the 10 were actually accepted, it reflects back on your capability of identifying illegal modifications or your general understanding of the rules, unless they were denied due to the user already being punished by Sentinel or another report. Being a part of the team doesn’t always mean you will have someone by your side at all times, that means you will be working independently sometimes.
    • Role-model: You will represent us as a role-model to our community. We want kind, respectful and caring individuals who are respectful in the entire Minecraft community
    • Commitment: We only look for people who have proven their dedication to the server. Our minimum requirements include 50 successful player reports, 100 forums messages, and 3 months of activity on our network. Do not apply if you haven't fulfilled all of these.

    Remember what you are applying for!
    Many applications we have received in the past, have tried to apply for web developer, builder or graphic designer. This is a helper application form! We are looking for dedicated community members who want to help our network in moderating the server, looking for any rule breaking and keeping a nice, fun and safe chat.

    What does a helper do and how long will it be open for?
    Applications will be opened indefinitely.

    • You will be required to monitor lobbies and look out for players needing assistance.
    • You need to have a great ability to listen and follow instructions, especially during our amazing staff testing sessions.
    • We want you to play our games and interact with the community! This is a huge games network supplying entertainment to thousands, we want our voluntary staff to be exemplary members of the community and to make the community feel like they're having an amazing time while in safe hands.
    • We want you to monitor the forums for good suggestions, bug reports etc and be most of all be social!
    • Teamwork is essential! There have been quite a few situations where staff members have to be working together to sort out various problems that can/have occurred.

    If I have been banned or muted before will I still have a chance?
    Yes, depending on the situation. If you have fully explained the reasoning, understood the mistake and took full responsibility. Then you will have the same chance as every other applicant.

    I haven't received a response what do I do now?
    This could be due to a few reasons. If you haven't received a response in over a month then you can always apply again. Most applications fail due to their: lack of forums activity, grammar, quality of reports and keeping their application too brief. Re-evaluate yourself! Do I need more forums activity? should I go into more detail? Most cases the answers are yes!

    Areas you should re-valuate!

    • Brief application: Many are too short or don't give enough information. We have pretty general questions in the application template, and having just a one-sentence reply to open-ended questions is not nearly good enough. I encourage you to spend most of your time thinking and answering the questions: why you want to be a Helper, and what makes you different from the other applicants (saying “because I love CubeCraft” does not make you stand out as I’m sure everyone else applying loves the server as well).
    • Staff experience: It really doesn't matter if you have none. Although if you have lied about being a moderator for example on a major network then our team will find out easily. You need to be honest!
    • Forums activity: Forum activity is a big one. Because of how large CubeCraft is, it’s unlikely we’re going to be able to find you and get to know you in-game. So the only other place to do so is on our wonderful forums! When you first join the forums, try to focus more on participating with other community members, suggesting new ideas, giving your opinions, etc. Rather than spamming messages to make it seem like you're active. That only shows us that you're impatient. Apply once you have gotten to know our lovely community.
    Read this thread for some new information on the application.


    If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a conversation on the forums. You will be given more information about the next process which is the Discord Interview.

    So best of luck to everyone who applies!
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