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Aug 26, 2015

In order to help you, the community, understand how we run the application process we have decided to explain it in as much detail as we can. Hopefully, this will clear up any confusion and keep it simplified for you all to understand!

Alright, let us get started with the whole process, starting with...

First off, a user who is interested in becoming a part of the staff team will actually apply! For more information on how this can be done, go HERE (for those that came here first)!

Once they are done with the application, they will be able to go back and edit it if they feel it is needed and will have to check their application post regularly! This means they should keep it marked as watched so that they will get an alert if it is replied to.

Although the application process has now been integrated onto the forums, we did not lose sight of the initial color coding system we had in place! That being said, there is now a special twist to this as the applicant will now get a Prefix in front of their application, depending on where it is in processing stages.

New - This is when an applicant has first submitted their application and it has yet been seen by the recruitment team. It will alert them that there is a new application that has not been processed. That being said, it will not stay this way for too long. Please be patient as it can take 2-3 days for an application to be processed!
Considering - This is the next tag an applicant will get if they are being considered! This means that the recruitment team has looked at this application and saw that they have met the minimum requirements. From here there will be some more considerations and discussions taking place that will be discussed later!
Unsuccessful - This is when an application has been closed and the applicant has not been accepted. With it will come a message explaining why they were denied and what they can work on! From there, it will give them a rough estimate of how long it is until they can reapply, with a month being the default time!
Interview - This means that the applicant has passed the previous consideration stage and has now been accepted for an interview! The interview will then be arranged and take place in Discord. All of this will be initially handled on their application!
Successful - This means that the applicant has passed the interview and has been accepted. They will then be knighted with the helper rank!

Helper Recruitment Team
You read that title right! As we are not integrating this onto the forums, we are also going to be revamping the recruitment team just a bit. What does this mean and why is the community being told this?

Let me start off by explaining why this is being presented to the community!

As some may know, others may not, the recruitment team was always a mystery and one that was only known once you had reached the interview stage or became a helper.

The reason the team was never made public previously was to prevent thoughts of favoritism or attempts to sway a specific recruiters reaction. Although the process has never been up to the recruitment team alone, and thus the sway may not affect them too much, we also did not desire to have the team get too much hate for a denial.

That being said, we have decided to reveal who will know the answers to your application questions best and who will be responding to your applications! This will now be the job of SrModerators!

Of course, they will not be alone as they will still be a part of a team, and some mods may still get added to the team as the need arises! This means that SrModerators, and the Admin Team, will be your go-to for any questions on the application/application process!

Helper Recruitment Decisions
As we mentioned earlier, the decision is not solely up to the recruitment team. The main reason for this is, as stated, to prevent bias. Although another reason is to ensure that the staff team is able to give opinions and have a say in who they work with.

Once an applicant has reached the interview prefix, they will get an interview first. After which, the recruitment team will discuss the interview with those who did not attend it. Once a decision is reached, the rest of the Moderators are brought in on the decision. They will give their opinions and based on all of that, the applicant will move onto a successful or unsuccessful tag.

Now, this sounds quite intense and may worry you, but the way the opinions are decided is based on a majority. This means if you have one staff member that you fear dislikes you, it will not be the demise of your chances. It just means their opinion will be taken into account and discussed!

Also if an applicant is unsuccessful, there will be a message sent out explaining why this is the case and how they can improve! This means they will not be denied without a reason to back it up!
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