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Do you like the sound of hardcore paintball?

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but I think that any player should be allowed to vote for it [Including stone ranks]

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  4. I don't mind / I don't play paintball

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  1. Sophie

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    Paintball is fun c:
    What I think would make it more fun however is if donators (Iron+) Could vote on a completely different gamemode, which would give players only one life. Once you die, you cannot respawn.
    I don't know about anybody else, but I feel that paintball games are really long and unrewarding. Not to mention that if you capture 2 flags and the enemies capture 0 the game is still a tie somehow o_O
    This would make the games go a lot quicker and would give you a whole different objective; rather than running for flags and charging into teams guns blazing, you have to play defensively to ensure that you do not die, but you also have to approach the enemies and kill them.

    Hardcore paintball details:
    -Can be voted by any ranked donator
    -Can be played on any map (playing on desert will be very fun since the map consists of four teams)
    -3 rounds, spawns will be the same every round.
    -To win a round, you either have to capture a single flag or have to kill the entire enemy team. The round will end once either goal is reached.
    -Maps that do not have a flag on them will instead have a 3 minute timer. If one or more players are alive on both teams once the time is up, the round will be a tie.
    -You have one life. If you die, you are out of the game until the next round, no exceptions.

    Achievements: (These will be added to the already existing list of paintball achievements)
    Onslaught: Kill 4+ players in one round of Hardcore Paintball
    -Survivor: Win a game without dying once
    -Relay: Capture the flag on all 3 rounds to ensure your teams success.
    -Not so fast: Kill the player that has your flag

    I feel as though games such as skywars get all the love due to their popularity, and as a result all the less popular gamemodes miss out on the recognition that they deserve, which is why I wanted to suggest something for paintball c:
    What are your opinions on my suggestion? :)
  2. EdwardLapLaz

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    Great idea(+1)