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Guide to Creative, PT 1

Discussion in 'Creative' started by PlasticManPeppo, Mar 15, 2014.

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  1. PlasticManPeppo

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    Jan 11, 2014
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    Hello, PlasticManPeppo here, i am going to make this cause i know people have lots of questions in creative, so this rules it out.
    If an admin/mod could lock this thread it would help "Severely".

    1) Plots
    First we are going to go over the basic commands of plots. If you would like a plot, but you don't know where to find an empty one, /p auto takes you to the first available plot and automatically claims it for you. This can be bad, however, because if you want your plot to be in the middle of nowhere, this doesn't help. You will probably have plots filled all around you if you use this command. Also, if you accidentally unclaimed the plot with your stuff still on it, the next person to type /p auto will get your plot. I do not recommend this command.

    Another command to claim a plot is /p claim. However, to do this, you first have to find an open plot. I suggest teleporting (i will go over this later) to a friends plot and claiming the plot next to them, if it is open. Or, when you are at spawn, fly forward (don't fly over the first plot, you will probably end up in a glitch) and never stop until you have found an open plot. This command can be good if you want a plot next to your friend, or if you want a plot in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors. You can also teleport to some random plot, and if it is empty, claim it. This can be especially helpful, and I do recommend it.

    If you have a plot that you have claimed and you want a different one, typing /p dispose will dispose the plot, meaning you don't own it anymore. Don't do this on accident though, because then other people can claim it, and most likely destroy everything you made or reset the plot.

    To reset your plot so that there is nothing left but a flat plain, it is /p clear. WARNING once you do this, you are not able to undo it. And don't do it multiple times in a row, that causes lag. Lag is a bad thing, not a good thing.

    If your thinking you can get more than one plot by disposing all of them and claiming them whenever you want, just don't. You will end up with a greifed plot or two. Trust me, this doesn't work.

    If you would like to change the biome (also the color of the grass, and whether turns to ice or whether all ice melts, that kind of thing) there is /p biome <put biome you want here> for that. Also, if you want to know what biomes you can use for your plot, do /p biomelist. This will list all of the biomes you can apply to your plot.

    When you claim a plot, the only person that can build there is you. That can be changed, however. /p add <playername> allows the person to build on your plot. if you want them gone, type in /p remove <playername>. If you receive a message saying error, just know that it worked.

    If a person is being annoying on your plot and you want them not to be able to even enter, do /p deny <playername>. If you want everyone gone from your plot and no one to be able to enter, /p deny * should work. WARNING people that are added on your plot are not able to be denied. If you deny them, they will be kicked off but come back as soon as they are kicked. Only the owner of the plot can perform these commands, not the helpers.

    If you have been to a friends plot and you forgot the address, /p list will show you all the plots you are added on and info about them. This is very helpful for when you want to work on a friends plot, but you have forgotten the ip.

    Stone ranks get only 1 plot. Iron ranks get 2, Lapiz get 3, gold get 4, and so on.

    2) Teleporting and IPs
    If you want to visit another persons plot, you need the id. they should know what this means. When you have the ip, the command is /p tp <ip>. Also, if the person doesn't know the ip,( is on a sign at the corner of your plot, also /p info gives it to you.) you can teleport to them. This command is /tpa <playername> this will send them a request, if they type /tpaccept then you will be teleported to them. Admins and mods can teleport to you without you having to accept it.

    If a person gives you a really long ip, do not type it in. You will be teleported to a plot way far out, and then you will be banned by the machine for up to 24 hours. It will also cause major lag.

    3) Rules and What is Banned
    There are lots of things that are banned on Creative, but the basic thing is spam. All role play, which is weddings, funerals, adoption, anything like that, are banned cause they cause major spam. All shops, fireworks shops, head shops, armor shops,. magic shops, etc are banned. Greifing..... just don't. You are going to ruin a persons day. And if that is your goal, you probably should not be playing this at all. The person that added people to his plot is the person responsible though. If you add a griefer, its your fault.

    No advertising either. That causes spam. You could be muted if you do not follow these rules. No cussing. Kids play on this server. No talking about inappropriate things, i don't know if its allowed but just don't. Another dumb thing to do. If an admin
    or mod comes along and you have shops on your plot, hes most likely to clear it.

    No competitions. That includes skin comps, cake eating comps, (sorry @Divvy1) any comps at all. Im not sure about building comps though, because they don't cause that much spam. They might be allowed, but make sure to check by asking an admin if you want to host one.

    If someone is spamming and he won't stop even when people ask him to, use /report <playername> <reason>
    abuse of this command can result in bans. Don't go reporting people for nothing.

    4) Donor perks
    If you donate to the server, your generousness will not go unrewarded. If you are Iron rank, you have the basic world edit commands, //set, //replace, //undo. This command can be used to make big walls with only 2 clicks, or even select a building and replace one material with another. This command does not work well with stairs, though.

    If you are Lapiz rank, you get more world edit, additional to what irons get. This command can make large spheres, the largest is 20,20,20. To do this, you fly where you would want the sphere to be and type //hsphere <block> <length>,<height>,<width>. Hsphere is a hollow sphere and sphere is a solid sphere. WARNING... don't try to use this with lava, it is almost impossible to clean up.

    If you are gold, in addition to all the other commands, you get //hcyl or //cyl <block> <length>,<width> <height>. With this you can make tubes and circles, very useful for making castle towers.

    Diamonds get //copy and //paste and //rotate. With this command you can copy things, paste them, and rotate them. Just as it sounds. Very helpful.

    Emeralds get something amazing. They are able to terraform (make land like in singleplayer) with world edit. I do not know how to use these commands, ask admins or mods how to use this. They also get //wall... sadly i don't know what that does either.
    I encourage you to donate to the server to help it and keep it up. It is not a monthly pay, you just pay once and your done.

    I believe that is all, if there any more things that i missed tell me, and watch out for a part 2!
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