Future suggestions for Kit Pvp.

Discussion in 'PvP' started by AquaaXx, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Hey, I have decided to take down Kit PvP suggestions coming
    in from the CCGN community. The main reason for this is coding, Rubik
    cannot code suggestions which involve coding, as his plugins he made for Kit
    PvP are outdated which makes it really hard and time consummating to
    do. The plugins Rubik made where originally for the CCGN when we where
    much more smaller.

    Another reason for this is Kit PvP not really going to be growing
    any time soon, if Rubik spends time making new updates for Kit PvP, Cubecraft
    will not gain any players. Most big servers don't have Kit PvP within their server
    as it is more of a mini-game compared to other games like Skywars which can
    be improved. Also Rubik is more focused on making the server getting bigger and
    bringing more cool stuff to Cubecraft. Which will enhance your gaming experience.

    However, if you want to suggest a suggestion for Kit PvP, make a conversation
    with me. Also like I've said above, try not to make a suggestion which
    involves coding. :p
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