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For who should be the events possible to vote

  • It should be random

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  • The rank should become diamond to vote

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  • Everyone should be able to vote

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Sep 1, 2018
The events in Free For All are a bit lack luster. At the moment only emerald rank and above are allowed to vote. The rewards for winning the events 1 (100 xp), 2 (50 xp) and 3 (25 xp) seem a bit to little for the five minute effort you need to win at these. At the moment I only see real effort at the king of the hill event. All the other events are either not intresting enough or to hard for the normal player. Most people with emerald or obsidian rank are people who play this game allot more then the average gamer. So when they vote they mostly dominate in the events. I would like to see a change towards these two 'problems' I see in the events.

1: A way to change the voting system.
* Lower the rank needed to vote because not everyone owns a emerald or obisidian rank.
* Make it so everyone can cast their vote once without showing it in chat so that its more of a suprise and not spamming the chat.
* Make it random.

2: A way to make the reward system better.
* Maybe make it that you get points and xp when you win so: 1 (100 xp and 100 points), 2 (50 xp and 50 points) and 3 (25 xp 25 points)
* Let the number 1 get a cubelet for winning


All the events:
1: King of the hill
2: Capture the flag
3: Bounty hunters
4: Most kills using kit
5: Reach 50 points


1: King of the hill
King of the hill is the best event imo. It has a beacon with potion and enchantments effects when standing in the radus. Every minute the beacon location changes. You need to be the player who stood the longest in the beacon radus and you win this event. There is a top 3 in this event.
I would change absolutly nothing about this event.

2: Capture the flag
Capture the flag you need to conquer four forts (make a kill in the forts radus) and you win this game. There is no top 3 in this event you either get all 4 forts and get 100 xp or you get 6 xp even though you got three forts.
I would like to see the rewards change for this one. For expample every for you conquer is 25 xp.
Also would be fun if they remake this into a four teams fight with everyone in the map. The team with the most points gained in the event wins. The way to gain points is by getting kills, assist and actualy capturing the flag of another teams fort. This motivates people to explore the map more, trying to gain more kills and to defend the 4 fort locations.

3: Bounty hunters
By bounty hunters you need to kill your target. The name of your target will be shown to you and you need to track them down and kill them. There is no top 3 in this event. You get 6 xp per kill you make
Again the rewards for this events are lack luster. At the moment you get 6 xp for one kill, I would like to see that you also get 6 points for one kill.

4: Most kills using kit
Most kills using kit is just one kit gets selected and in the five minutes you have you need to get the most kills using that kit. There is a top 3 in this event.
The two problems with this game are shopping and tryhards like me. But this is still one event thats up to skill so these two things are not some things that can be changed.

5: Reach 50 points
Reach 50 points is the hardest event. You get points by killing players but that is random I think. somtimes you get six and othertimes you get three points or twelve and one time i got 25 point. When you die you lose one to three points. So its hard to reach 50 points. You need at maximum 17 kills in one life to get 50 points. There is no top 3 in this event. You either get 6 xp or 100xp when you get 50 points.
I would like the way to gain points is not random and each kill gives the same amount of points. Also each death should take away the same amount of points.


Thank you all for reading, and sorry for grammar mistakes I have dyslexia. I would like to know how this community thinks about this.
Kind regrads res1237
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