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Dane Donnelly

Nov 27, 2013
Corona, Cailfornia
Some of you may have realized that I haven't been on the server or the website for a little while causing halo to pass me on the top messages but i am excited to tell you all I am in the final stages of the mobile Cubecraftgames app

It will be a third party Cubecraftgames app with a ton of features I will name a few

• Forums
• Factions Leaderboard
• Create A Account
• Contact Page
• Donator Page
• News
• Latest Chatter
• Twitter Capabilities
• Status Page
• Donator Page
• Ban Appeals

I have got it working on ios and are currently getting in the google play store certificate and it will be ready in about 3 week so I am going to need 20 Beta Tester
10 For Android and 10 for ios these are the requirements
•iOS 6 or 7
•Jail broken and cydia
•321mb of space
•A clean ios serial number (not a stolen device)
•A email

• One of the 2 Lastest OS for android
• Access To the google play store
• 212mb of space
• A email

This will be a free app and is 3rd party so donating will take 2-3 Days and the forums will be reset

Example Test Application
Name: Dane Donnelly
Platform: iOS or Android
IGN: DaneDonnelly
Website Name: Dane Donnelly


Private Message Me or comment with any question comments or concers

Thanks For Your Time,
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