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Bedrock Duels win streaks


Jan 12, 2020
I think that's adding a duels win streak would add a lot more competitiveness to the game and make it much more fun as players will then try and get the highest win streak which they can then compare with there friends or show of and just have more than just wins to care for in there duels stats.
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Fesa wrote on Keanu's profile.
I say, we all send xenforo an email at the same time to add edit profile post history support :D
Hippir wrote on Spoon's profile.
Happy Birthday Spoon! 🥳🎉🎂 honk
Well I guess I’m gonna start grinding SG too so I think 100 wins should do.
Here’s the link the video 1 I’ll post until I get 100:
Win counter will be in my Twitter bio: https://twitter.com/blankminecraft

Note: Thank you to everyone who has liked my posts it means a lot!
Ge1ster wrote on Spoon's profile.
Happy Birthday Spuni!
Can't believe you are 18 now, that's amazing :D
Wish you the best of years! Congratulations 🎉🥳
i'm grinding SW and SG lol
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