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😛 What to include in your application

  • Minecraft Username (Java and/or Bedrock)
  • Portfolio (Attach images or share a link to a gallery)
  • Previous experience
  • Age - You must be of at least 16 years of age when you send your application
  • Country

👀 What's expected

  • We are providing you the opportunity to work with us, in creating content as a paid contractor.
  • As a creator in the CubeCraft design team, you will be assigned work by our design management team. You can turn work down if you are unavailable, you pick your own hours you wish to dedicate to CubeCraft projects.
  • We expect you to uphold our community guidelines - more info here
  • We strive for excellence and want to empower you as an individual, so we can strive towards the highest quality of content.


  • How long are the applications open for?
    • Applications are open until the roles have been taken up. They will reopen when we require new members to join our team.
  • Will I work alone or with multiple people on a project?
    • This entirely depends on the type and scale of the project. Generally, small maps, skin packs, etc. are worked on by one person. Larger projects such as minigames and adventure maps will be worked on by multiple people on our team.
  • Will I be able to work on only Java content?
    • The design team mainly works on Bedrock content, however, there are opportunities for certain roles (level designers for example) to work on Java content.
  • How much content do I need in my portfolio?
    • While we don’t ask for a specific minimum, the usual “the more the better” applies here. We are looking for outstanding content across multiple themes, so the more evidence to showcase this, the better.
  • I’ve submitted a map on the Map Submissions subforum, do I still need to submit a portfolio?
    • We look for experience across multiple themes and styles, therefore a portfolio with additional work other than map submission threads is recommended.
  • I’m not 16 years of age, can I still apply?
    • Unfortunately, we are very strict about the requirement of applicants being at least 16 years of age. We cannot make any exceptions. We may also ask for verification of age.
  • What do I do if I’ve been denied?
    • Nobody becomes an expert in anything without practice! Please spend the time to learn new skills and techniques to master your craft. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube then re-apply in 2 months.
Thanks and good luck, you can apply here by clicking on the yellow Post Thread button at the top right! 💙
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