Currency Converter in the donation website?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Klondike, Jan 22, 2014.


Should there be a currency converter?

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    I was looking at the donations site, and the emerald rank sells for 100 GBP. I thought GBP was some fancy way of saying dollars (don't ask why). I was going to buy Emerald, then I found out that GBP meant British Pound Sterling. I thought I was going to pay 10o USD. I then went to Google, and it said 100 GBP was equal to 166.78 U.S Dollars. That means that the cheapest rank, iron, sells for 16 USD (around that). Maybe you should have a currency converter because it probably is possible that parents will mistake that they are buying gold rank for 40 usd, but in reality, they are spending 70 USD.