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May 13, 2014
Hey everyone!

Over the last couple of months, we have been working closely with a lot of the more popular CubeCraft Games external communities, and have established some ground rules with them to ensure that our players stay safe. We'd like to present these communities to you, as they do harbour a great set of members, rules and staff - you are able to join these communities if you're looking for a group of CubeCrafters who have similar interests to you! If you want to join them, click on their server name. 🎉

Be sure to check back here often! This thread will be updated every time we get a new external community organiser!

✨ Community Discords

CubeCraft Games Records Community
A Discord dedicated to the CubeCraft Games World Record thread, take a look & see if you can dethrone anyone there! Converse with other world record holders as well 👀
Run by @Lozora & @Technosword!

CCGN Community Events
A Discord for community events, by the community, for the community! Take a look!
Run by @Axyy & @ItzEnd3r & @Doc // Angel!

CubeCraft Community
A Discord for a Java-based community, take a look!
Run by @EasyNorth!

Cube Café
A chill Dutch-Java based community dedicated to running games on the server. Check them out!
Run by @OG_ElfElf & @iBloemetje!

🎮 Game Discords

CubeCraft Ranked
A Discord dedicated to running tournaments on our Java network, take a look and see if you can reign victorious against the others!
Run by @Dreamer & @Gemmmmie!

Tower Defence CC
A Discord for the most passionate Tower Defence CubeCrafters, discuss strategies & metas in here!
Run by @Shotgun, @CrystalDrop, @Schuttle & @MoonHuntress!

📷 Personal Discords

A Discord dedicated to @HackersDontWin 's streams. Take a look at his Twitch channel here & join him when he plays games on CubeCraft!

Legendary Commitment
A Discord dedicated to @Socratias ' YouTube channel - he posts some pretty funny videos about the CubeCraft server, take a look at them here!

🙋‍♀️ Want to be part of this?

Send me a conversation on the forums with your Discord server invite link and how many members you have! We have a few requirements:
  • Have more than 100 members.
  • Have moderators or some form of moderation.
  • Not be banned on our main Discord (this is our primary form of communication).
If you are concerned about any of the servers on this list, for example if they are promoting NSFW content or they are not moderating their server well, please send me a conversation with screenshots.

Thanks everyone! 💙
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