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Jan 23, 2021
CubeCraft Bedrock‘s Friend Slot Dilemma

CubeCraft is a pretty solid server, but one of its problems is the absurdly low amount of friends slots the average player can get. Look, VIP 5 being the max VIP level at minimum costs 22 American Dollars ( that’s 16.5 GBP or 28 Canadian Dollars). You get 35 ( some people tell me it’s actually 40 but I can’t confirm that) friend slots. With the default amount of friend slots being 10, the highest amount of friend slots you can get is 35.

That is STUPID. Not the ratio between friend slots and price that is stupid ( I could go on a whole other tangent on why the VIP levels are flawed), but that fact that NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PAY, as a normal consumer, you are limited to that many friend slots. A normal consumer doesn’t have access to roles that give them more friend slots.

This unbelievably wrong. If CubeCraft simply paywalled players from getting more friend slots, then that’d be acceptable because they need to make money and that’s just how servers roll. Yet the fact that you CANNOT get more friend slots no matter how much you are willing to pay is bad for both the consumer and CubeCraft.

The biggest problem is that I don’t have a suggestion to fix this. Having more friend slots across the board softens the pain but doesn’t solve the problem. Being able to simply buy friend slots on their own seems like the wrong move as it closes some of the doors CubeCraft could take with their monetization program in the future. Introducing more VIP levels would cause even more problems.

Unlike Java, Bedrock’s player base are mostly children, and they’re the reason CubeCraft bedrock has the monetization system it does. CubeCraft dug themselves into a hole with the whole VIP level system, and the only way to fix it is to do a complete revamp. But even if it’s done with good intentions, revamps always spark outrage from their already established player-base. I’m sure they’re working on something to fix this friend slot dilemma but I sure hope that comes around sooner rather than later. So what do you think? How can CubeCraft get out of this mess?


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Jun 4, 2020
I agree that there should be more friend slots.

I think that the minimum amount of friends you should be able to have at VIP level 0 is 20-25. When CubeCraft Bedrock's playerbase consists of mostly children, the limit of 10 friends at VIP level 0 is sort of unbelievable. I've met literal children who have so much more than 10 friends that they consistently play with on a regular basis on games like Minecraft. Although, I do not have all the answers to this.

I honestly don't know what CubeCraft can do at this point. We can't leave staff to just "figure it out" so the only thing I can suggest is suggesting the friend cap for non-donors to be higher because this is the only realistic outcome they can accomplish right now.
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