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Jan 23, 2021
:cube_light::cube_dark: CubeCraft’s 2 Chat options needs a middle-ground “Receive Party Chat” Option :cube_dark::cube_light:

A problem many players have is that Cubecraft’s option of “receive chat” when toggled off, simply causes you to not Recieve chat from all other players. But instead of this being a toggle, it can instead have several ( at the minimum 3) options for a more customizable experience. The options should be the following:

Already Implemented Options:

Receive All Chat ( clients receives all chat. Standard, set to this option by default)

Receive No Chat ( informative chat such as who died are still appear, your party’s chat won’t appear)

Potential Middle-ground Option:

Receive Party Chat ( Will mute chat from other players, however alongside any chat such as who died, the player will see chat from members of their party. Would be useful for removing clutter not related to you, avoiding possible NSFW chats, and not missing important chats.)

Keep in mind that CubeCraft already has 2 options. This is just an in-between option. Tell me your thoughts down below. The Attached Image is CubeCraft’s current Chat Options On Their Bedrock Server.


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