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Feb 1, 2021
I played cubecraft skyblock for a long time now and want to list a few things, which could be changed at the shop. I also write about new possible ways of farming money, because right now there are not many efficient ways to do that. When you are just interested in that you can go to the part “sell prize changes”.

Adding items (to the shop):

There are a few items, which are for some reason not in the game or are just limited in the game.

Cobwebs: Cobwebs are available on specific Islands, but are not buyable in the shop, this should be changed.
The underwater stuff: primarine and especially sponges
If the version gets updated a lot of stuff from the newer versions

Buy price changes:

Dark Oak Sapling: One dark oak sapling cost 2.000.000 coins, that is far too much. The reason they are so expensive is probably, that if someone loses all their saplings, he has to buy new ones. But that is literally the only reason to buy saplings right now. If the price would get lowered, maybe to 50.000 coins, it would actually make sense to buy saplings, because it isn’t easy to get them and you need four of them to grow a tree. If it is too easy to get new saplings that way, it would also be possible to just make them buyable in stacks, for example one stack Dark Oak Saplings for 3.000.000coins, that way new saplings wouldn’t be cheap, if someone loses all of their saplings. But it would also be possible, to buy saplings just to grow more trees.

Other crops are super expensive too, for example nether warts. The same change could be made here, for example one stack nether wards for 5.000.000 coins. But with crops this maybe isn’t necessary, because you are maybe just not surposed to buy them instead of growing them on your own.

Lava bucket: One lava bucket cost 5.000.000 coins, that is also far too much. When the lava bucket first came out, this price made sense because the nether wasn’t released yet and lava was super rare, but now we have the nether and there is no reason to buy a lava bucket for 5.000.000 coins. If the price would get lowered to maybe 50.000 coins, it would be possible to make something big with lava or even build with obsidian, that is basically not possible now and there is no reason to buy a lava bucket.

Sell price changes:

I am talking about making money in the endgame, not in the early game.

At the moment there are not many ways to get much money (in the endgame). The main way to get money is by building mob droppers and standing afk for hours and that kind of feels wrong. A long time ago I read something like “The timer of the generators go down even if you log off, so you don’t have to stay afk for hours in order to make progress”, or something like that. I couldn’t find the quote again. What I´m trying to say is, that standing afk for hours is exactly what you have to do, in order to make progress. If some sell prices get changed there could be more ways to get money. I don’t want to get money super easy, I just want to have more ways of getting money, which are at least some kind of efficient and don’t require standing afk for hours.

Sugar Cane (currently 1.500 coins): Sugar Cane is already the second way of getting money fast, maybe it could stay as it is. But I think making it 2.000 coins or even 3.000 coins wouldn’t be bad or overpowered either.

Nether warts (currently 1.500 coins): Farming nether warts is a little bit slower and harder than farming sugar cane, so the selling price should be higher than sugar cane. If sugar cane stays at 1.500, nether warts could get 2.000. If sugar cane gets higher, nether warts should maybe rise a little bit more.

Diamonds (currently 5.000 coins): Getting money with generators in currently impossible. 5.000 coins for a diamond is basically nothing, 4 sugar cane are worth more than a diamond. Also you would need 3.200 diamonds in order to buy a diamond generator, so buying generators in order to farm money with them doesn’t make any sense. If the sell price would rise by a lot, maybe 70.000 coins for a diamond, it could get worth it once you have enough generators, which would still take a lot of time.
This could also be done with emeralds, but emerald generators are pretty cheap and fast, so this could get overpowered quickly.

Dark Oak Logs (currently 1.800coins): Dark Oak Wood will never be a main way of farming money, just because a tree takes days to grow. But if the sell price would get increased to maybe 10.000 coins, this would at least be a different way to get a little bit of extra money every few days. But it still wouldn’t compete with the other ways of getting money.

Nether Star / Beacon: This would be a pretty interesting way of getting money. Wither skeletons only drop skulls, when killed by a player and killing withers isn’t super easy either. Making beacons in order to get money would only work, if the lava price is lowered, because obsidian is required in order to make beacons. Otherwise making the nether star sellable would be the way. I think a selling price of 5.000.000 coins could be fine.

Some of these prices, for example 5.000.000coins per beacon may sound like a lot, but a sugar cane farm can get 15.000.000 coins per day with a harvest time of 20 minutes and in the endgame this isn’t even a lot at all. Even if the prices get changed the way I wrote here big creeper droppers will probably still be the best way of getting money by far, but I just want to have different ways of farming money.
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Feb 19, 2021
I play on Mac and don't see the full text from the upgrade of the chicken farm pls help how do I see it all


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Oct 14, 2020
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Very nicely written thread! This is my personal feelings on this, feel free to agree or disagree

I definitely agree with adding cobwebs, perhaps they could be unlocked at the same time ink sacs are, seeing as they are decorational.

I think the dark oak tree prices are intentional, so that the main way of gaining them is to get the natural dropping ones, the high price may be for players that have accidentally lost all saplings

Same reasoning for lava buckets, very expensive for the chance that a player has lost all lava, just so they have a way of obtaining it again

Prismarine seems a bit much as of now since it's completely new type of block, and maybe CC is holding it off for a future update 👀

Personally I think the price of sugar cane is perfect as of now and might cause an imbalance to people just starting the swamp

I agree with nether wart being increased, it takes what seems forever to farm and plant, I think 2000 coins would be reasonable

For diamonds, Dark Oak logs, and Beacons, I don't think increasing the selling price would be the best idea, it makes sense for some end game players, but for the people that really advanced the game, it is trivially easy to get these items, especially with level 20 enchants, therefore completely giving them a huge boost, more than what might be wanted for the start of the end update


Feb 1, 2021
For diamonds, Dark Oak logs, and Beacons, I don't think increasing the selling price would be the best idea, it makes sense for some end game players, but for the people that really advanced the game, it is trivially easy to get these items, especially with level 20 enchants, therefore completely giving them a huge boost, more than what might be wanted for the start of the end update
Thinking about it again diamonds could really be overpowered, because once you have a lot of gemerators the amount of money you would make grows exponentially and diamond farming dosen´t take that long.
But I don´t see a big problem with Dark Oak Wood, I am doing the 10.000 Dark Oak Quest right now and I am farming this wood with instant-mining axes, I´m pretty sure I would still make money much easyer with my sugar cane farm as it is now even if the price of the wood gets increased. And Dark Oak Wood is available at the same island as sugar cane, so I don´t think it would be overpowered for newer players either.
And beacons you only get in the end-game anyway, players, who are not really advanced won´t be able to farm beacons. I don´t exactly now, how fast it would be possible to grind beacons, if you really try to do it efficietly, because the looting encahntment on the server works different than in normal minecraft. (correct me if I´m wrong) But like I said, with a sugar cane farm you can already get like 20.000.000 coins in half an hour and this isn´t even that much. Of course people would make a lot of money at once, when nether stars or beacons get sellable, because they maybe have a lot of heads left, but once they would have to farm new heads it would probably still not be as efficient as sugar cane.
Maybe the price can get changed to something like 4.000.000 coins, but I think if it gets much lower it woudn´t even be worth it to farm nether stars for money anymore.

So I think besides diamonds, which I maybe didn´t thought through completly, all this farming methods would still be much worse than creeper droppers, so super advanced players won´t get that big of a boost as it sounds at first.
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