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Mar 18, 2020
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All right for those of you who aren't aware, it seems that java eggwars has gotten another update.

I was sort of mystified at first.... Why wasn't their an announcement or something? There was no transparency at all about this update. I just logged onto Cubecraft and played some eggwars and started encountering these random changes that had been made. I find this to be annoying. There needs to be an announcement on the server or a thread on the forums or something.

Here's a list of changes that was made (all of them that I'm aware of)

-No more HP bar
There's still a setting for it in the lobby but no hp bar was rendering in game so I'll assume for now that it's a bug. Please fix

-No notification when upgrading a generator
When you upgrade a generator now it just says "upgraded generator." It doesn't tell you what generator (iron diamond etc) was upgraded to what level. Additionally, you won't get any notification whatsoever when your teammates upgrade a generator, and your teammates won't get a notification when you upgrade a generator. Why was this changed? It doesn't add anything to gameplay. It only takes away information that we used to get when playing eggwars. Please revert

-Team balancing in pre lobby
Basically if teams aren't balanced (don't have the same number of players) the game won't start. I appreciate the merit of this and I can see why people would think this was a good idea, but honestly eggwars doesn't have the player count for this to work. Imagine there are only like 30-40 players on, (there are sometimes less) the game could take ages to start, whereas it would've started before this change was added. Like I said, this is a good idea in theory, but for now it will only get in way of games starting. Please revert.

-Generators only sometimes make firework sounds when being upgraded
Maybe this is a bug. The firework/explosion sound is only sometimes made now when upgrading a generator. Like 80% of the time there was no sound. If this is a bug please fix, if not please revert.

It's late and I need sleep, and I also didn't play that much eggwars today. If I come across other changes that were made I'll edit this thread to address said changes.

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Feb 15, 2021
When did you start noticing those changes / bugs?
I would not be surprised if they have now made their famous "backend changes" to eggwars, which have caused an infinity of bugs to the games that have had these backend changes before (survival games, ffa, duels, lucky islands) and by the way, they have not fixed any bug that they themselves have caused…

@Story Could you confirm if eggwars had any backend changes recently? If so, could you inform us on discord in the changelog channel for example when these changes are made to the games?

Or even better, could you stop making those changes until all the bugs you caused are fixed


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Oct 17, 2016
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The bugs are because of back end changes. Which are absolutely needed in order to make updates better, faster and more stable in the future. The bugs have been reported and are known and will most likely be fixed soon. Because Goofy is absolutely amazing

As a little inside, I think you caught 10% of the bugs I was able to find with some other players. Anyway, have fun waiting till they’re fixed!
Bug reports > suggestion forums
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May 14, 2019
Goofy is absolutely amazing
I support, a lot of credit goes to the developer(s) and admin(s) who are resolving the issues as well! :p

As mentioned above, most/all issues you've brought up are bugs and are known. For future reference please report issues found on our platform using this subform instead. Whenever an update goes live it'll most likely be advertised in some kind of way, for example a text above the game npc saying "UPDATED!".

👉 https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/how-to-create-a-bug-report.290274/
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