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Oct 20, 2013
I guess there's not much to say I guess, you already know what this is from the title. XD Anyways, I should start... I joined the server in around 2012 Christmas. To be honest, I didn't know what I expected when I first joined... Just googled a "1.4.* minecraft server" and clicked the first link I saw. At first I was kinda disturbed because of the fact that I had to take a quiz first but then I realized it was easy. :p Anyways, after some touring around the first spawn (A little village with some games and shops spread around." I went onto survival (The place not the server, it wasn't implemented when I joined.) and found PL4AYER5, an staff member who helped me during my first day.

We had a little house&etc. in a swamp biome, I'd just hang around there when no one was on and look at the new 1.4 features... Anyways, times went fast, I made some friends such as warcraftman(something something), killtheduck5, etc. I used to hang out with them and help out the players as much as I could. Usually around the huge Christmas Rubik statue which didn't get updated for quite a lot of time. :p

Anyways, I didn't really know Rubik around those times, I was just a noob with bad English skills so I just tried to fit in, and help out the players by telling them what to do when they first joined&etc and one day, I learnt that killtheduck5 and warcraftman was getting mod... I was like: "Omfg I hate this after all that work i did THEY get mod??!??" in my mind, but soon after that I learnt that I was getting mod too. :D

Around those times I met a lot of people who I can't list with a chronological order so I'll just tell some random stories now, be prepared for a longer paragraph, or nah I'll try to keep it short... Anyways, after meeting TetrisDCracker I decided to make a hotel, because why not? People actually needed those back in the day though... Anyways, we just went ahead and built a huge bad constructed hotel, and then a bar because again, why the hell not... I always wanted to be a bartender anyways! So yeah, me and some of my friends lived there and we were all having fun, moderating&etc, then TetrisDCracker got staff too but later got demoted.. I hate her. Anyways, I also had friends like furyflame&etc... But they are from an older time. After I got mod I got admin after few months of moderating and witnessing the server evolve, it was truly an amazing experience. Seeing the first bungee cord put into the server... Even though I wasn't really involved in that kind of stuff, it was still nice to see the change.

Around those times the "Cave Spawn" was made and put into the server, with only Pandias, DatAwesomeLegend and me remaining as staff. We were the only staff active and to be honest it was mostly me. Pan wouldn't go on usually and DAL wouldn't go on a lot too. Anyways, (I realize I use "anyways" a lot but I seriously am bad with chronological ordering...) then a lot of my friends got staff like minecraftboy108(Who I hate now.), Tetris (Again who I hate.) and also @Divvy1 who I don't hate and is a cake... And is a bro of mine. Anyways (Anyways again I seriously suck at story telling...) then The_Pro_Miner9 joined the staff. I don't remember when @Dean_Warner_1995 joined but it must have been around those times. I remember Half Soul PVP which was a PVP server and that's how LittleJack(off) came to the server... It later got removed and was replaced with Parkour Minigame, which was plain better than Half Soul PVP... I'll move an era so you won't be bored, alright? A lot of stuff happened, people got demoted, people got promoted and such and we got a new lobby! (yay!)

Around that time we had our first DDoS attack though, which I missed... (I'm glad I did.) And then Halo joined the staff, first as a Moderator and then an Owner. My reaction was weird when I first saw him as owner, I was like: "When the hell did this happen..." But I'm glad it happened anyways, we grew a lot. Some time later we got the basic new essential servers like Skyblock, Creative, Survival (Which is factions now.), Games and Parkour... (Skygrid was added some time later, and died instantly...) We got new minigames, and new staff, I got to know @Lukey_Dude when all these happened. And probably most importantly @Dai_Matsumoto, we spent the summer playing MC... XD I also met @rhinoscooter1 in a Vault deal. (Which I might type later.) A lot of new people and a lot of games... CCG community was so nice back then. Well, that's basically it, after all those happened a lot of new friends joined the server, we hit a lot of mile stones and we're still going!

I'd like to mention some players:
@Divvy1 One of my most remarkable friends on CCG, and one of my first ones that are still on the server.
@Dai_Matsumoto Again one of my first friends on CCG, wouldn't have stayed a lot on the server without him.
@Lukey_Dude Even though he joined server some time later, he's still a really good bro of mine.
Flyingfort, even though he is not on forums he was and is a badass yoloswagger1337, one of my best non-staff friends.
@Kats_XD She was here for quite a lot of time, she got my opinions on the parkour she built.
@LaserDolphin77 Even though I haven't told the story of meeting him, (because I don't remember...) he's a bro of mine.
@rubik_cube_man Even though I didn't really get to talk to him a lot, he gave me the opportunity of being a staff member and proving myself, thank you so much!
@halothe23 Well, he basically made most of this happen. XD And he taught me what I know about IT. :p (Even though I'm a noob at IT...)
I have a lot of friends to mention but it would take quite a lot of time.. So I'll just tell few more people..
@jinjo90 Overall, he was the best member of staff and is a really good friend of mine, I met @Parvati12 thanks to him, and he was just one of the nicest people you could have ever met in your entire life...
And the list goes, will just tag some other friends and write about them when I feel like it... Oh and also, here's a link to the old enjin site. XD http://cubingcraft.enjin.com/ Anyways, that's basically it... A noob who managed to get into a position like this...
(@PinkStr3ak @musemat @Efcluke94 @gedas001 @bubblewibble @Claudia @Volkom_ @SevereWarning) That's it anyways, by the way I have some videos of the old CCG, I'll post them when I get back to my iPad. Anyways, bye for now!


Feb 2, 2014
United Arab Emirates
I am Kuzey in mc name is SGTkuzey, my real name is Kuzey.I want to become an admin/mod because i love to help people, 2nd reason is i want to help server to get known by every single minecrafter.I can build anything u want, i dont have a youtube channel, but i can help to get new people from the facebook, i am online nearly every day, i want to help u, not like the offline admins.I wont ban,kick people, i will ask u first.I promise i wont grief anyone and i promise i will always help the server.I am not boring(usually) and i'm not the best redstone builder ever.
sorry for the spelling

lol Kuzeys application.
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