Being A Mod/Admin Going Through Ban Appeals: The Adventure Game!

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by CrystalMoonlight94, Nov 17, 2014.


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  1. CrystalMoonlight94

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    Mmkay, so this is an adventure game about sorting through ban appeals. xD
    Just a random thing I came up with when I wondered what it's like going through ban appeals; facepalming the entire way. Kind of like a mod/admin sorting through ban appeals simulator... Except I'm not a mod/admin. xD

    Story: Okay, so you just got the mod status. Yay! Your job is to look through ban/mute appeals and decide wether or not you should unban the account in question. You'll rank up to admin if you survive long enough and make a lot of good choices; or generally helpful to the players.

    I was originally going to make this an adventure game involving PMMM, but not very many people here have seen that anime; so I decided to make this more CCG oriented.

    You get 7 options in each appeal.

    [ ] Pardon.
    [ ] Pardon with a strict, one-chance warning.
    [ ] Leave the account banned, but give advice.
    [ ] Say "GG". (NOTE: This probably wont look so good on your resume...)
    [ ] Ask for more info, go from there. (Leave questions in the comments!)
    [ ] Call in some more staff, this looks hard. (Tag staff members for help.)
    [ ] Other. (Say what you'll do in the comments.)

    Most popular answer by the end of the week is the one that has been chosen.

    Alrighty, we're done here. Now, it's time for ROUND ONE!

    It's your first day as a mod. Yay! You probably got a lot of messages saying "Gratz on getting mod!" You said thanks to all those people. Right now, you're dealing with ban appeals. You dealt with the latest one. It's title was "Ban Appeal For SmithsMC5". Here is what it says;

    ...What will you do?

    [ ] Pardon them a little after thanksgiving.
    [ ] Pardon with a strict, one-chance warning.
    [ ] Leave them banned, but give advice.
    [ ] Say GG.
    [ ] Ask for more info, then go from there.
    [ ] Tag some other staff for help.
    [ ] Other.
  2. Hallucinated

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    This just shows a ploy to get noticed for staff positions.
    I would consider this an application.

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  3. Tacosbefriends

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    I would unload my entire reaction image folder onto the ban appeal and let someone else deal with it.
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