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Applying for Builder [OPEN]

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Efcluke94, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. Efcluke94

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    Oct 20, 2013
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    This is a guide of how to apply for builder. It is recommended that you look at this before applying.

    What is your current In Game Name?

    Simply put in your Minecraft username (example: Efcluke94).

    What is your age?
    I will not accept anyone under the age of 13. Building is all about your skill, however you have to be of mature mind to handle certain situations.

    What Time Zone are you in?
    A timezone is not a country. Please enter your local timezone for example (GMT +1). This is so, it makes it easier for us to schedule meetings.

    Do you have TeamSpeak?
    In order to run a successful team there has to be great communication between all builders.

    Why do you want to be part of the CCGN build team?
    If you answer with one sentence, then you obviously aren't passionate about wanting to be part of the team and it will be denied. I want you to really sell yourself, describe how passionate you are about building, what part of the server you'd love to build maps for. Whether you want to learn new skills and get great tips and experience etc.

    Please give examples of your builds (Images or videos)
    This is one of the most important questions. If you do not provide any pictures/videos of your own creations, it is denied instantly. I understand a few people applying have been in teams, however you are applying as an individual not as a team, do not send in team builds. I prefer that you use imgur but any image sharing service will do, as long as it is a full album. Try to display a variety of styles and themes, I like the creative side of Minecraft, so not every map has the same theme. Remember you must post original work, if it is stolen, I will find out, and you will be denied. If you have a PMC please link that too.

    If you make a imgur album MAKE SURE IT IS PUBLIC! Too many times have I seen "images are not publicly available."

    Have you been in any other build teams or are currently? If yes, which ones?
    If yes, please state the name of the team, and what position you were or are. If you are still part of a build team, depending on what team it is, you may have to leave it as you cannot be part of a server team we are competing against.

    Please leave your forums account name so we can contact you. If you’re successful
    This is so I can contact you and inform you of a 'build test' you will receive, to prove your skills. The test is usually something to throw you out of your comfort zone, a build style you might not have tried to make you experiment and test yourself. Sorry to those that do not receive a reply, there are too many applications to reply to every single one.

    Is there anything else you want to tell us?
    This is a very broad question. You can tell us your favourite build style or theme you love to do. Whether you can speak fluent English or basic. Or your PMC or Twitter etc.

    In Addition
    Your maps will be featured on a huge network, aswell as thousands of players playing on your map(s). Also, 'famous' Youtubers recording gameplay on your map which can be very rewarding and satisfying. So good luck to everyone!

    If you have further questions about applying, inbox @Efcluke94 or @Alex_de_Grote
    If you haven't received a reply within a month, then the application has been denied.

    You can apply for builder https://cbecrft.net/lML0.
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