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Sep 17, 2019
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Hello Everyone!

This post is not a republication or repost of this, It is a new post in regards of the Admin teams decision with evidence against the points made, as well as benefits of hit sounds, for both sides of the community and in general. This post goes in more detail, and gives new and well explained examples of why they should be added back.

Main Points

- Why Attack Strong/NoDamage should be played | (A, C)
- How it's Helpful with Reports
| (B, F)
- How to Give both Sides of the Community what they want | (C)
- Current Plague of players CURRENTLY Autoclicking, Macroing and/or Double Clicking
| (B, D)
- How to Accurately tell a the difference with a Double Click, AutoClicker or a Legit player | (B, E, F)

A - Why Strong/NoDamage Sounds SHOULD be Played

The sound effects actually give a lot of character to PvP and improves the experience for a lot of people, and not just a preference but in total.
For Examples
• Punch Sounds can tell you where an enemy player is before they hit you(Inflict Damage) due to the sound being played even when not hitting a player.
• Hit sounds give players a creative and artistic take on PvP with custom sound customization, bringing variety and less bland experiences.
• With the Addition of Hit sounds, both the people who want to hear them and the ones who don't, have a choice for them to be played(More in 3rd point)
• With the readdition to hit sounds it makes it more easily to report rulebreakers

B - How it's Helpful with Reports

The Distinguishable difference between Legit clicking, Double Clicking and Autoclikers are 100% clear. You can easily tell the difference between a single click, a double click and the consistencies of an autoclicker.
This Video is a perfect example of the above:
For Examples
Reports like these ->
In this Video you can see the player attempting to eat food with an AutoClicker enabled, now personally I do not believe this is proof enough of an autoclicker(I know they are autoclicking BTW) But for a ban I do not agree with it, especially with the double standsards from the staff team. Imagine if this player of something like myself or another known player. Would the staff team would have banned them then? No I do not believe so. With Hit sounds this would have made the report 100% accepted for both sides and not a 50/50 split depending on the users status.
Blatant Cheating ->
After watching the Main video in this point, and the above example, this video is a lot more obvious cheater than above. The CPS is obviously involving a majority of double clicks which, under rule 1.3, is cheating. Why was it denied? Because it was dependint more on the users status and how he was known by staff, he did not receive a ban.

C - How to Give Both Sides what They Want

With addition to adding Strong/NoDamage sounds back Cubecraft can advertise a Free Resource pack in their lobby. Or alternatively a toggle option in profile settings.
This gives the option to BOTH players on cubecraft, just like as they could before, removing the hit sounds does NOT give a better "experience" to pvp, but actually removes the experience, by making it dry and more bland. The only thing that gets "improved" by removing them is making a bubble for double clicks, macroers and autoclickers.
But by adding a FREE Resource pack in the lobby, or even advertised around the server. The pack would be roughly 210Kb* which is VERY small resource pack. By adding this pack, all console players have access to a free No Hit Sound^3 pack, not only improving THEIR(not everyones) experience just on cubecraft, but other servers or even Worlds/Realms, at the same time improving experiences for players like me on the network in general.

Pack Example
https://www.mediafire.com/file/xts2znqem7aii1z/No_swing_Sounds_Pack%282%29.mcpack/file *210Kb is the file size it shows in my compressed .zip folder, and not the mediafire download.

D - Current Plague of Cheaters (Rule 1.3)

The Initial removal of hit sounds was at the peak of cubecrafts cheater problem involved with rule 1.3, not long after the removal of Drag Clicking as a Allowed method of clicking, and the more defined and clearer rule against double clicking by hardware and software. The update was poorly planned and the Staff were poorly trained on how to ban and find these types of cheaters. Giving the Cubecraft Admin team a reason to still run the server without hitsounds, as explained in "B - How It's Helpful with Reports" you can tell it's easily identifiable to tell the difference between a legit, double clicker and an autoclicking player(s).
The amount of players that get away even live streaming, hosting scrims or having staff like CKelting unbanning friends after getting fairly banned by sentinel or even player reports.

Maduev, Power HaMaD XD, MSElite, Tiesonic. Waspbrain. And so much more that I know of, but just could care less of making a 20+ player list.

E - How to Identify a Legit player vs a Cheater

Double Clicking
Easily identifiable by random louder(echoey) hit sounds with major inconsistencies between each swing sound. Easily noticeable especially if a player claims of a very high or absurd CPS
Even spread between each hit sound making it sound more irregular between other players and yourself. If toggled or by held you can see players randomly swinging at walls, while placing blocks or even when trying to eat. Autoclicking is harder to identify when using a lower CPS up to the twenties compared to double clicking which is identifiable in all cps ranges depending on the base CPS
If a player clicks 7 times a second on a mouse but gets 30 in game it is easier to spot than a player clicking 13 on mouse and 15 in game.
Real Clicking
A unnoticeable inconsistency compared to double clicking, but noticeable from an autoclicker. Seems natural and doesn't seem out of reach. Some clicking methods that are feasible without doublesExcludes Butterfly DB and Drag (they abuse doubles) may get confused with autoclicking. Easy to appeal


F - How to Spot Clicking Methods via Handcam

Double Clicking
Using a hand cam video you can easily find a double clicker. Especially with butterfly above 15+cps (which is basically impossible without doubles). By slowing the video down where you can count each strike on the mouse and hear the audio of each strike. Listen for a double sound when a single finger strikes the mouse. Not hard or complicated and should be done when looking at appeals. Rather tan just only banning autoclcikers via handcam.
Double Clicking abusers are also a big problem.

Do I have to explain this one? A visible unachievable CPS with or without slowing the video.

Pressing once and having multiple keypresses happen at once or in a pattern on the CPS tracking program. Less noticeable than a autoclicker, but still easily spotted when slowing a video down.

Legit Player
When slowing video each strike correlates to an actual keypress on screen. If a CPS is higher than 15 it should be looked at as "questionable" and looking into it as an autoclicker or double clicking. Especially with a method like Butterfly. Jittirclicking, which is possible to achieve CPS's around 20, should also be looked at. How much does the mouse shake? Can I hear the mouse clicking? or is it a macro?

Last Notes

Why "NoHit" sounds should play

Hit sounds grant a unique, creative and overall general better experience for all players. Hit sounds being played give ALL players a choice if they want them to be played, or not to be played. Removing swing sounds removes an experience from PvP making it very dry and bland to a lot of players. It removes strategy and spatial awareness from the game due to directional audio from the attacking player, rather than just the player damage source that they hit.
NoHit sounds also give obvious signs of autoclickers, macroers and double clickers on the network(Which is a HUGE problem BTW, especially in the "pvp" community) Hit sounds are a great source of evidence when making a report and removing them just gives more incentives to start closet cheating.
In complete response, nohit/strong sounds give an overall experience for ALL players, as you can make a choice on adding/removing them back, easily make cheater reports under Rule 1.3.


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Oct 24, 2020
I 100% agree. There is a huge amount of "double clickers" who actually macro/auto that aren't banned because not enough evidence is supplied, even though they are seen like quad stacking effortlessly in clips. This would be a huge improvement, especially if it was an option that you could turn on or off


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Sep 1, 2020
FFA was always known as the place of cheaters but after the removal of the clicking sounds, it quite literally became one: with 1/3 of the community using clicking methods that aren't allowed, simply because they know that the chances of them being punished are close to zero (because it's pretty much impossible to report someone for it nowadays). Removing it was the worst decision CubeCraft has done in a while, yeh it was annoying for some people but in my opinion, I much rather hear the clicks sounds than fight players who click 30+. You might say that sentinel punishes people who auto, well that's only true if they play on a PC, because if you play on a console you can click as much as you want! and you won't be punished!


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Sep 17, 2019
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I much rather hear the clicks sounds than fight players who click 30+.
You might say that sentinel punishes people who auto, well that's only true if they play on a PC, because if you play on a console you can click as much as you want! and you won't be punished!
Sentinel doesn’t have a cps limit, using an autoclicker on cubecraft (macros specifically) you can achieve reallly high cps without even receiving a kick.
Kinda dumb
They should add a setting where you can toggle this off and on instead of it being on for everyone or people off for everyone.
That’s the thing. It was always toggelable before. Now they just removed it for everyone
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Sep 17, 2019
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Also to add in top of it. I think the response on the old post the Admin said more players prefer the sounds being removed and improves the ‘experience’.

But this would be 2 similar votes with like a 90%+ agrees

Nothing against you or anything I just think it should be kept in mind that that point the admin said wasn’t true.
I just forgot to add that in the post and just thought of it rn
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