24 poems of dispair, 13 stories of death and 7 lyrics of love.

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    24 poems of dispair, 13 storys of death and 7 lyrics of love is a book of poems i just finished; and i would like to share one of the poems i made.
    Airport is already 10:00
    And i wish i could leave
    Holding your hand my love
    Away from this pain
    And it doesn't stop raining
    My tear you will never see
    Is ripping of my soul
    But here
    I only hear your voice
    Calling me to a boat far away
    From this storm.
    Today is today
    and im yesterday
    My loneliness is dancing
    With your menories.
    The umbrella i'll never open
    This way to the sea
    I can see a sailor with his lover
    In this isolation i can hear him:
    "I'll never forget you".
    How much i miss you angel of sun.
    Come with me back
    In this airport, still 10:00...
    And this tear you will never see...
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