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$1000 gaming pc build!

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Dec 15, 2013
Crazy Land
Hay guys. U finally have the money to buy a full computor, including monitor mouse key board ex and managed to make an awesome build. It with probably be complete at around late september.
here is the build:
please tell me what you think and what i can do to make this better.
oh btw this build can run bt4 at high settings with great frame rate!


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Oct 19, 2013
Bury, UK.
@halothe23 what do u think?
I would prefer Intel-Based CPU's, as I had bad experiences with AMD's. (Overheating, crashes, whatnot.)

If you want to go with only 8GB of RAM, I would use two 4GB channels, will improve read/write speeds, else just get 2x8GB.

WD caviar drives are quite nice, if it were mine though, I would get two of the same drives and use RAID 1 for data redundancy, if money is not an issue, then get 4 of those drives and put them in RAID 10, speed and redundancy, then you don't necessarily need SSD's for fast game loading. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID )

Ahem, nVidia cards all the way, although AMD has been getting better lately.

As a tip, pre-calculate what power needs you have, for say the CPU needs ## watts, GPU needs # watts, and so on, so you know wether your PSU is capable of handling the power needs, worst thing would be to turn it on finally and have the PSU die on you because it cant handle the power load.

Optical drives are not necessarily needed, imho.

I will warn you, stay off of windows 8, windows 7 is bad already, you don't want windows 8.

You may want to go for an IPS panel on the monitor side, and perhaps aim for a lower then 5ms latency to the display. (Don't recall the models, but the store in my town sells great IPS panels which advertise 2-3ms delays max.)

Use Razer stuff for mouse + keyboard, I know they are expensive, but I own lots of their devices and always had a good time using them. (Especially do not go cheap on mouses, you will regret it, 60+$ for a mouse is average for high quality gaming ones)

Also get good mouse pads, don't just use your table with a gaming mouse, you'll have a bad time playing, and will hut the mouse while at it. (Razer just happens to sell very good pads.)

For the headphones, Zenhiser or Razer ones, Turtle beaches, Beats I heard aren't too bad either. (I know they are all expensive brands, but if you put them on and hear the difference, you wont regret it.)

If you want good audio when not using headphones, do me a favor and don't get the cheap Creative 2W speakers, get a 2.1 system or above. ( I have the Trust Tytan 2.1 set, its alright in my opinion, provides good basses.)

So theres my opinion on your setup, its up to you to choose for it, but if you will be giving away 1000+$ then choose wisely.
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