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What should I use as pictures?

  • Leave as is

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Crop your inventory as well

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't crop at all

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • Something else

    Votes: 1 12.5%
  • And

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Horizontal (java1)

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Or vertically (java2)

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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May 14, 2019
Hey there!
It's me again trying his best to create an helpful thread again!
This time I need you to chose with me!
I am trying to make a thread which will answer a lot of questions frequently asked by players. I will be doing this by using pictures.
Under here you will find a spoiler called "java1" and "java2".
My question to you guys is which design you like the most and if I should crop out my own inventory, leave it as it is or don't crop at all.
Also, if you have any more FAQ you may suggest them in the comments and I will consider them!

How do I create a Co-operative profile?
To later on play with friends you will need to create a coop. Follow these steps to do so.

How do I invite my friend?
To invite a friend a friend to your skyblock you need to be on a cooperative profile. (If this is not the case you'll need to create a coop.)
You can then invite your friend by typing /profile invite [IGN] or the following steps.

I accepted the invite but don't see my friend anywhere.
This is because you still have to switch over to that profile!
Follow these steps:

I can't accept the invite. It says I don't have enough slots.

How do I remove someone from my island?

How do I switch between profiles?]

When do I unlock iron?
You unlock iron on the Birch Forest island, the 6th.​

Why does coal ore say ///////?

How do I collect a spawner? Is silk touch needed?
To break a spawner silk touch is not needed
and can be broken with any kind of pickaxe (including wood).​

Why are my mobs not spawning?
On the CubeCraft network spawners need blocks to spawn on.
A mob can spawn on a block if this is placed within the radius.
It is thus possible your spawner is to high in the air
and the spawner can't find a block for the mobs to spawn on.
Mobs can spawn in a//////// area.

How do I repair/enchant an item and break an anvil?
You only unlock iron on the 6th island and diamonds on the 9th island.
But there are enchant quests before you unlock these islands. That is why there are stands in the skyblock hub.
You may use these instead of needing to craft an anvil/enchant table.
To break an anvil you need to break it while holding SHIFT with a pickaxe.​

How many islands are there?
Currently there are 9 overworld islands and 4 Nether island.
1.Oak Forest
3.Cold Taiga
6.Birch Forest
8.Extreme Hills
1.Pigman Colony
2.Magma Graveyard
3.Nether Fortress
4.Blaze Spawner

How do I get to an island? Where is it?
To get to an island you first have to unlock it. This can be done by completing all main quests (yellow).
Once you've done this a new island will appear somewhere in the distance and to get to it you'll have to build over there with blocks!
If the island does however not appear, everyone on the island will have to go to the hub.
Once nobody is on the island you may join again and the island will have appeared.​
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