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    Just reset the leaderboard or add a monthly leaderboard that gets reset monthly. Seriously it's no fun for us. We just can't standby and watch that the leaderboard will never change because of the old playerbase on CubeCraft grinding for decades straight, making it impossible to pass them. And...
  2. sKuLLcLaW8184

    Bedrock People claiming to be playing "tournaments" on public eggwars servers

    I don't mean to say this but Cubecraft's staff community is so bad. They allowed us to host tourneys and now out of nowhere they changed their minds and now the only possible solution for them is to ban everyone who took part in the tourney. Honesty I agree with RaggedOdin, if there were private...
  3. sKuLLcLaW8184

    Bedrock Lots of hackers

    dont worry anti cheat will come after 420 years (very soon).
  4. sKuLLcLaW8184

    Bedrock why do people vote overpowered?

    op is garbage lmfao and the people who vote for op are mostly kids who get excited over eNcHaNteD dIaMoNd ArMoR and other stupid op swords.
  5. sKuLLcLaW8184

    Bedrock Should Ender Pearls be added?

    you can get ender pearls for basic too lmfao
  6. sKuLLcLaW8184

    Bedrock Asia Region.

    yeh same lel
  7. sKuLLcLaW8184

    All Networks Game idea?

    Duels or kitpvp would be fun
  8. sKuLLcLaW8184


    um how to add polls
  9. sKuLLcLaW8184


    omg just add it already
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