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    Top 20 in the World! (Again)

    sorry but this one will get rejected too since its on a seasonal map lmao
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    same team colour every time

    it is not a coincidence , if your joining the game 1st you will always be put on the same team for ex , on modern, if ur team is the 1st to join you will be put on light blue, if your team is 2nd , you will be red , 3rd will be orange , 4th will be yellow, 5th will be purple and 6th will be pink...
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    Forwarded Fix cubecraft kb

    i dont think there is any need for more kb, its just the inconsistency and the bugs with the kb
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    Bedrock Freaking teasers in eggwars solo -._-.

    if its the last 2 players in the game they are allowed to team as long as they havent teamed up to kill anyone , if they did you can report them with video evidence!
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    Bedrock NA and EU servers

    Alot of the times when i queue into a game from an EU lobby it says "you have been placed in a different region to help deliver quicker matchmaking" and puts me in NA , and its really annoying cuz i lag like hell on NA , imo there should be an option in the settings to disable this because its...
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    Bedrock /sr

    the new feature of being able to report someone through game chat is a really good addition to the server , but there is a problem , ive ran into probably around 5 very blatant cheaters since the addition of the new command and ive reported them all , only 1 got banned , for the other 4 reports...
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    Bedrock my eggwars description

    Fav map : fairytale Strat : go mid rush full diamond get full obi I also shift bridge Skip modern cuz it's a bad map Fav kit baker Let me know what you think! :D
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    Bedrock 3k winsss!!!!

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    Bedrock Read This Cubecraft Mods

    im 2nd on eggwars duos and yes this happens WAY too much it happens when you try to break a block after hitting someone or getting hit, i can probably make a montage of this glitch cuz it happens to me at least twice a game, it is probably the worst eggwars glitch as of right now and it has been...
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    Bedrock good idea lmao?

    we'll see about that ;)
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    Bedrock good idea lmao?

    i didnt know what tag to put this as so i put it as bedrock , im an eggwars duos player with 8650 wins as of now, i thought it would be hilarious if i got my own special prefix if i reached 69420 wins , to put into scale how hard that will be , i need 60770 more win, so if i get 100 wins a day...
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    World Record Progression for Eggwars UPDATE as of 10/03/2021

    we got a 1 22 perfect, 1s off , sub 1 20 inc
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    Video World Record Progression: Cubecraft Eggwars Duos Any% (Bedrock Edition)

    yea he shouldn't get banned he inspired me to play eggwars duos
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    Video World Record Progression: Cubecraft Eggwars Duos Any% (Bedrock Edition)

    good i got a 54s game the same day u uploaded the progression vid xd
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    Video World Record Progression: Cubecraft Eggwars Duos Any% (Bedrock Edition)

    that was soooo well made it was worth waiting a month for it
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    Bedrock /nick for high leaderboard players

    i think that top 5 or higher players should be able to /nick because the amount of times we get targeted is ridiculous , I've had so many games where the game starts and people are like "omg nightmare he is 3rd on the leaderboard" and i get targetted and teamed on hard and im not even popular...
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    Bedrock The Efficiency IV Pickaxe

    tbh i agree with cubecraft , the pic was too op it required 0 skill to kill some1
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    4th on egg dous

    4th on egg dous
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    pc player 6.35k egg dous wins

    pc player 6.35k egg dous wins
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