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  1. Keanu

    Peanuts (re-)introduction

    Haihai all! Quite a bit back I made an introduction, and looking back this one is rather short and outdated so I decided to make a new, more expanded (re-)introduction. I also posted a google form on my status with a Q&A so you could ask questions (And if you have any question, then feel free...
  2. Keanu

    Friet of patat

    Mede aardbewoners, Na een verhitte discussie in onze gerespecteerde lobby 1 zijn wij tot het besluit gekomen dat de meest vooruitstrevende oplossing het maken van een poll is. Wij willen u vriendelijk vragen om te stemmen op de bovenstaande poll. Het onderwerp is hoe aardappelstokjes genoemd...
  3. Keanu

    Web New prefix for suggestions

    Don't think a lot has to be explained: sometimes you wanna suggest something for both minecraft versions (java and bedrock) but you either have to select Java, bedrock or all networks. Add a prefix called ''Minecraft''.
  4. Keanu

    Discord Discord Revamp

    Ello y'all, as most of you know CubeCraft has a discord server and it's cool but I think it's time to give it a revamp. Following 2 screenshots and things which should get changed imo. Idea 1: Change the name of #cubecraft to rules. Yes, if you join the server the first channel you see is...
  5. Keanu

    Implemented Add Discord as a field

    Hey y’all, small suggestion. Add “Discord” to CONTACT DETAILS. This is possible. (This is not from cube) @Quetzi
  6. Keanu

    Implemented Change the colour of the Nitro Booster rank

    not a long thread, pls change the colour of the nitro booster rank as it looks like the pink helper role, i would suggest lightgreen as it’s not used atm
  7. Keanu

    Java New Report Update

    Hi, As most of you know CCG recently released a new update (https://cbecrft.net/chestchaser) and in this update, they pretty much revamped /report, and due to this everyone has 2 /reports a day, iron-emerald have 3 /reports a day and obsidian have 6 /reports a day, plus has limitless. This is a...
  8. Keanu

    Java Obsidian AFK Message

    Hi everyone, Like y'all know plus has an ''AFK'' message (http://prntscr.com/nio10g) and imo it's pretty useful, and as obsidian isn't that valuable compared with emerald let's add the AFK message to obsidian, like plus has at the moment. I can hear you asking ''But this feature is from...
  9. Keanu

    Poor (insertseason)Warz should sleep

    lack of sleep can affect your immune system. Studies show that people who don't get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold virus. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick. @SpringWarz (If u...
  10. Keanu

    Discord Remove the Arab channel

    It’s simple, remove the Arab channel. Almost no-one is using it and afaik there are no Arab speaking staffers.
  11. Keanu

    The NL is better than Belgium

    So recently a lot of people are saying Belgium is better than the NL. I felt obligated to destroy those people with facts. Be. Prepared. -The NL has a population of 17.800.000 people, Belgium only has 11.350.000 which means the NL is way popular. Fight me. -Belgium was part of the NL, meaning...
  12. Keanu

    My 2018, and goodbye cubecraft

    Hey all, As 2019 recently started I thought this did be the best moment to say I will quit Cubecraft, and I just want to say my story of 2018, online and offline. Beginning of 2018 I was extremely happy, I got my own gaming laptop (I saved money for this for like 8 months) and when I had it...
  13. Keanu

    Java New feature for +

    Ello all of you, A quick suggestion, I was bored, like always, and I thought of a new feature for the plus rank. As a lot of ya know sometimes you want to join your favo map but it simply isn't there!?!?! People with the plus rank can now simply click the map they'd like to join and if there...
  14. Keanu

    Escalated /report for reporters

    Hi all! Cubecraft recently released a new update. In this update there is a new /report feature for people subscribed to the plus thingy. In my opinion, not sure what you think, people having 50 non-verbal or more accepted reports should be able to use this too. Why?
  15. Keanu

    Java Edit Minerware Bossgame ''The maze''

    Hello everyone! As my suggestion is quite simple, I'll keep it short. Change the bossgame "the maze" from minerware. (If you dont know what "the maze" is: ''We have a brand new Boss Game to challenge your skills; the MAZE! Each maze is randomly generated, with blocks of Gold hidden around them...
  16. Keanu

    Play Minerware! (Free) (Not lied)

    Hi all! If you think I'm lying, I'm not! Although, you must've bought minecraft before 18 of October 2018, and you must be in possession of Windows 10. So yeah, here's is the sort of turtorial. First of all, you go to mojang. using this link: https://account.mojang.com/login. (...
  17. Keanu

    Pictures Halloween Lobby

    Welp hi, I got bored so I made some pic's of the Halloween lobby with my shaders, if you're interested, https://imgur.com/a/TawKSCZ . Okay this was it ^-^!\ Keanu
  18. Keanu

    Discord Lil’ slowmode in staffhelp

    Yeah another simple suggestion; Enable a slowmode of 5 seconds in staffhelp, so people in need of assistance are “forced” to put everything in 1 message, instead of spreading it over 12 messages. Staffmembers should have the permission to bypass this. Keanu
  19. Keanu

    Java Display AFK

    Hi, another simple and short suggestion, why not. It's simple; when a plus member is afk and you fmsg them, it chat says: (name) is currently AFK so they may not see your message. Why do we discover this after we messages them? Suggestion: Turn THIS into THIS! kthxbai, Keanu
  20. Keanu

    is this a title?

    Hai all, Some of you know might know me, some might not, there are 2 versions which you can read. If you have a questions simply let it know, because I'm interested in what you're interested in about me. Welp, kthxbai. Peanut (only some people get it *kuchekuche* Lez Gainy Shame(l) )
  21. Keanu

    Web Move the removed games

    Hi all! My suggestion is quite simple, change THIS into THIS (Yeah I'm the best editor ever, Story should learn kuchekuche) Why? This way it looks more organised, and this is the only reason I guess. Kthxbay, Keanu
  22. Keanu

    Escalated Change "the maze"

    Hello everyone! As my suggestion is simple, I'll keep it short. Change the bossgame "the maze" from minerware. (If you dont know what "the maze" is: Why? • Sentinel doesn't detect X-Ray-hacks (Correct me if I'm wrong) and there are quite a lot people having a X-Ray texture pack./hacks which...
  23. Keanu

    All Networks Stop muting for ''instulting'' with LGBT things

    Hello everyone! Recently I've seen the staffteam actually mutes for "insulting" (I don't call it like that.). But why is that called insulting? What's wrong with being a LGBT-person? My suggestion is simple: Stop muting for LGBT-''insulting''. -Keanutjuhh
  24. Keanu

    New discord channel

    Heyo fellow CubeCrafters, Today I was bored, and suddenly I came up with the idea to make a new channel in the official CubeCraft-discord ( discord.gg/cubecraft ) called: Status Thanks for reading and make sure you'll leave your own opinion on this, Keanutjuhh
  25. Keanu

    SrMod rank on discord.

    Heyo fellow CubeCrafters, I have a really simple suggestion. Implement the Senior Moderator - rank on the official CubeCraft-Discord. Why? You have a separate rank InGame for Mod and SrMod, you have separate rank on the forum, why not discord? Should they have extra permissions? That non of our...
  26. Keanu

    PvP Rematch

    Hi CubeCrafters! My suggestion is simple: When your enemy clicks the ''Rematch'' button after a duel, you'll see a message in the chat that contains something like this: (InsertEnemyNameHere)'d like to have rematch! Do you dare? Also, remove the Denybutton has it has no function, when you click...
  27. Keanu

    Re-add fish-slap!

    Hello fellow cubecrafters! Recently I was in a conversation with a friend, and then we talked about the old lobbygame 'Fish Slap'! We both did like to see it back as it was fun to play, and I am curios what you think about this! I know we have now 3 other lobbygames, but still I think it will...
  28. Keanu

    Rules 1st login

    Hello everyone! Today I have a new suggestion. I don't know how to call it, so I will call it: Rules Check (I think).
  29. Keanu

    New discordbot

    Hey everbody! First of all, thanks for taking your time to read this! Here comes my suggestion: Cubecraftgames has YouTube and Twitter. It is possible with webhooks and a site to generate automessages in the discord. I think this could be added, so people know when something is happening on...
  30. Keanu

    Please show respect to staffmembers.

    Hello everyone! Here is a thread of me, and I want to explain something. I see a lot of times "check my appeal pls" or "UNBAN ME" and stuff. So here is the big piece: A staffmember is a volunteer that offers his or her free time to help the server. Without staff, there isn't cubecraft at all...
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