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  1. Nuvoh

    Planned Custom duels

    Ive seen other people give this exact same idea in the past but not many people saw it, so im suggesting it again. 2 main things should be added to the options. - Health options ( half hp, normal...) - Time options (5min, 10min, 15min...)
  2. Nuvoh

    Java Eggwars - Aztec

    I will make this suggestion short and simple. The middle of Aztec map in team eggwars needs a revamp. Im sure many people can agree the lava in middle is very annoying and that inside middle looks good, but not as good as it could be. Some ideas for the the revamp: - Having multiple layers...
  3. Nuvoh

    Java Duels - an addition

    This is a simple suggestion and nothing big, but its definitely one that should be added. In eggwars, the most voted hp option and mode are overpowered, half hp. Ive seen in the duel creation you can replicate almost all the items in the OP item option, but you cant have half hp which surprised...
  4. Nuvoh

    Java Eggwars - Voting option and private games

    As most people know, staff, Youtubers/twitch streamers have permission to start private eggwars games. I think private games are amazing and really fun, which is why I think they should be more common: My suggestion is to not give out the ability of hosting private games if you have a certain...
  5. Nuvoh

    Java Punch bows in eggwars

    The punch bow has been in eggwars for years and I think its a great item to have in the game as it adds diversity and much more. But is it really balanced? Ive been in a lot of games where people dont even bother going for iron armour. All they do is get a punch bow and thats all they need to...
  6. Nuvoh

    Java Addition to duels

    Hey! Ive been playing duels quite often now, and im surprised that there's no "Play again" button that comes up in chat after a duel! It would be great to finish one, and get straight back into the action without needing to go to lobby and then click everything again.
  7. Nuvoh

    Java OG Players!?

    Some players have been playing cubecraft for a very long time now, (Its almost been 3 years for me, even though I know some people have been playing longer) and I just thought that it could be cool to have something next to peoples names. Like a (1Yr) or (2yr) tag. This isn't a big suggestion...
  8. Nuvoh

    Java Ranked games!

    There should be a ranked Skywars, Eggwars. Seasons start and end... You could make it so that you might need a minimum amount of wins to enter. Players start with 0 Rating. As they win games they get rating. For example, people with 100 rating go against people with similar rating. After the...
  9. Nuvoh

    Java Tournaments

    Cubecraft should add tournaments! This could be a pvp duels tournament or a 1v1 on skywars, eggwars... There could be a few tournaments at a time and you could choose which one you wanted to join, but this can be changed. It's all a general idea, the point is that it would be great to be able to...
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