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  1. _dnn

    All Networks Magic & Mayhem Suggestions Thread 2!

    Back at it with another thread after the first one seemed to do quite well. These are some suggestions that arent as impactful to the game but definitely imo need to happen! An API to track stats To cut it simple, we need an API. I know a small group of people who are coding a bot for this game...
  2. _dnn

    Denied Magic & Mayhem Suggestions Mega Thread

    Heya 👋 this is a thread of a few suggestions me and the community (people who i talked to on discord) have for the new mode Magic & Mayhem. Any staff reading this please atleast add the storage theres practically no room kekw ty. Anyway the thread. More storage possibilities With how the game...
  3. _dnn

    The BEST money making methods for every island

    What else is there to say. Apart from ive been lazy (dont say that ples) Heres the video
  4. _dnn

    Cave Spider xp Farm

    o/ In this video i show you how to make a simple cave spider grinder/xp farm. Just to clarify this design isnt mine originally and i dont claim credit it for it, i found it on a skyblock island with some friends. Also sorry for the lack of uploads (a month ik) i have no good excuse apart from im...
  5. _dnn

    Auto magma cube/slime farm

    Made a slime/magma cube farm today. As always feel free to leave replies here with any more ideas for videos i should do. (also im running out of things to say here aha)
  6. _dnn

    Some easy money making ideas

    Ahhhhhhhh im back on here after almost a week of doing some dumb stuff. Ive collected some of the 'weird' money making methods that i know of and put them in this video. As per usual if you have any suggestions for videos i should do or any ways to improve my content feel free to reply to this...
  7. _dnn

    Easy method to kill all bosses

    Im still somehow keeping a daily upload streak (yay for me). Anyway ive tried to come up with the cheapest/most simple ways to kill all the bosses. And as per usual any suggestions to improve my content or any videos i could do feel free to tell me here :)
  8. _dnn

    Cheap cow dropper :)

    So erm... i made a cow dropper. As per usual if you have any other farms i should build/ any suggestions to make my content better feel free to leave me suggestions here :)
  9. _dnn

    AFK chicken farm

    ive designed a chicken farm that can be built with materials that are accessible on the third island and makes upto 17k coins an hour with only 2 spawners. as per usual any ideas on other farms i could build or any feedback is always welcome :)
  10. _dnn

    AFK Witch farm tutorial

    Ive designed an afk witch farm thats really cheap here vvv if you have any suggestions for things i could do better in future videos, or ideas for farms/ tutorials i could build feel free to leave them here
  11. _dnn

    AFK Spider farm design

    I designed a spider farm for early game players (here) any optimisations or suggestions on the video are welcome :)
  12. _dnn

    Bedrock Nuggets and blocks being able to be sold in skyblock

    Theres no way to sell iron/gold nuggets or blocks of any ore in skyblock rn. It would just be a simple QoL change if they added this. It would be pretty simple nuggets sell for 1/9 of the normal ore price and blocks sell for 9x.
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