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  1. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #8

    Aye! It's me one more time with another great mashup from the last month, I finally decide to divide fun and action GGs (read desc), anyways, see ya later!!!
  2. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #7!!

    Hello there, after some time, I decided to upgrade my editing skills to bring you this video!! hope y'all enjoy!!
  3. Aimerrege mx

    Clipz mashup #6

    Hello there! I'm her with my new clipz mashup! I hope y'all enjoy!
  4. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #6

    Hello there! I'm her with my new clipz mashup! I hope y'all enjoy!
  5. Aimerrege mx

    Video 5th clipz mashup!!!

    Fifth volume is here!! (insert a reference to a videogame lol)
  6. Aimerrege mx

    Clipz mashup #5

    Ye, I know i haven't posted the other four in this threat section, but this is the fifth one so the fifth one it is! I also know that there is a minerware clip as well as a skywars clip, but its mainly lucky nlocks so who cares! And last but not least, I used my voice in the best one, F :(.
  7. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #4

    Some awesome clipz from my games at ccg!! I used voice on one of them, sorry 😢 .
  8. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #3

  9. Aimerrege mx

    Video Clipz mashup #2!!!

    28 clipz of nice plays and fails!!
  10. Aimerrege mx

    Video clipz!!!

    some clipz in 3 minutes and a bit more.
  11. Aimerrege mx

    Just a block away...

    I think i'm posting a lot...
  12. Aimerrege mx

    Da yeeter

    He yeeted me and his dog outta the platform 😂.
  13. Aimerrege mx

    Killing evil campers >:D

  14. Aimerrege mx

    Perfect timing

    the shield didn't even took damage.
  15. Aimerrege mx

    Watch out!

    Be careful mate! don't fall! 😂
  16. Aimerrege mx

    Almost got it...

    Tried to get there because of water, he couldn't 😂
  17. Aimerrege mx

    Good or not?

    I guess it's kind of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Aimerrege mx

    A close call

  19. Aimerrege mx

    He tried

    Even music fits 😂
  20. Aimerrege mx

    Saved by the bell

  21. Aimerrege mx


  22. Aimerrege mx


    That player is just great!!!
  23. Aimerrege mx

    Java Yeet

    This always works.
  24. Aimerrege mx

    FFA Karma, again

    I can't believe I have yet another karma video XD
  25. Aimerrege mx

    Bedrock More karma!!!!

    I found another great karma moment!
  26. Aimerrege mx


    Greatest play ever!!! (of course not)
  27. Aimerrege mx

    Bedrock Some nice karma in here

    read the chat to understand hehe.
  28. Aimerrege mx

    Bedrock Nope.

  29. Aimerrege mx

    Bedrock NETHERITE

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