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  1. Silabear

    All Networks Discord Stats Bot

    I feel that there should be a discord bot which tells us stats of players on Cubecraft. This idea comes from the new profile system. Hypixel already has one (see below) which me and my friends lke using. It would be great if Cubecraft had one!
  2. Silabear

    Discord People who have a colored name (/colour) in Cubecraft Java have that coloured name in the discord

    This is simple: colored name people in Cubecraft java get their color in the discord.
  3. Silabear

    Bedrock Custom Prefix for VIP rank 3 or higher

    So my idea is that if you have vip level 3 or higher on bedrock, you can make a custom prefix! That would be so good!
  4. Silabear


    Hello! I am Silabear, and I will give you a guide on speedbridging! Note that this is Bedrock only, and only really works on Windows 10 or Xbox Stand on a block 2 blocks away from the edge of the island Face the way you want to go Look directly down Run forward while holding down the Place...
  5. Silabear


    I'm not sure if it was here before, or if it still is, but (I don't see) a Leader board for the games on the website °~°
  6. Silabear

    Beta A new idea for the iron mines in BlockWars CTF

    What would be nice is if the iron that you mine in the Blockwars CTF game is actually a currency that you can buy power-ups (such as ender pearls, armor e.t.c) in a NPC shop (like Eggwars)
  7. Silabear

    Java Be able to link ranks you buy on Bedrock Edition to Java Edition.

    I got the egg wars rank on Minecraft MCPE cubecraft, and it is amazing. However, I would like to link my Minecraft Bedrock Account to Minecraft Java because I really want to play with the rank on that edition of Cubecraft. You could add a /linkbedrock <bedrock username> command pls
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