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  1. Rabidsyllab

    What are you doing for christmas/december

    Hi, Is there any thing your doing in school or traditions I a doing a carol service and pantos 🙄 I am interseted to see what you are up to so share below pls thx
  2. Rabidsyllab

    Complete the sentence

    Hi. I have all got a confusing game for you! There will a a catogary for each sentence or word then 1 word or 1 letter like A server: C and then you have to carry it on till we finish the sentence or word A website: Y Member1: O Member2: U Member3: T Member4: U Member5: B Member6: E So they did...
  3. Rabidsyllab


    So just a question. What if I get a warning for necroposting then I repeat an active thread and someone reports me will I still get a 1 day ban or will it be a warning for 3.11? Thanks
  4. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock Few ideas for skyblock

    Intro Hi! I am suggesting making and adding a few things for skyblock. Part 1: Hubifiy Description: Skyblock is one of the only games to not be a proper hub like the blockwars hub. So my suggest is to make it a proper hub because of the next 1 gameodes I suggest. Questions: How will this impact...
  5. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock Add a loot point level

    Intro Hi. I would like cubecraft to add loot point level. All posts are inactive or are locked (that cubecraft suggeted) What is it? How it works is you get these things called points which count towards your loot point level. Every 10 loot point levels you get a reward. How many points are...
  6. Rabidsyllab

    Need help with a few things (help with blot out the sun)

    Hi. I need a bit of help on skyblock 1st problem The first thing i need help with is that how to get money really fast: Because you need: 500,000 coins to complete 'Blot out the sun' 2nd need help 2nd and final thing I need help passing the island because it is just me and a friend
  7. Rabidsyllab

    What is your faviourte cubecraft game?

    Hi. I was just wondering What is your faviourte cubecraft game? There will be a poll. Mine's is blockwars bridges
  8. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock Add achievments to bedrock plz

    Intro Hi there! Cubecraft has added achievements to Java but not to bedrock. How will it work? It will work quite simple. You will have a item in your hotbar that you can open to view your achievments. To get quests you need to complete quests. The quest system is like cubecraft skyblock quest...
  9. Rabidsyllab

    Quick Question

    Hi! I just have a quick question. How do you make seperate spoilers like in @HackersDontWin's thread for skyblock quests?
  10. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock My GameMode ideas

    Intro Hi, so I thought that cubecraft could add somethings. Part 1: A Gamemode Title: Tree Chaos Description: Tree chaos as the name suggests choas with TREES! You have 5 minutes. The first 2:30 you have to plant as many trees as you can and bone meal them. Then after that 2:30 you get a axe and...
  11. Rabidsyllab

    Web Add a 'polling station' sub-section in the lobby forum list

    Hi. Intro This is a thread suggesting a new sub-forum (like the forum games), What is it? It is a new section where you can make poll, let me go into deeper exploration. So you know @Matriox's Answer this poll threads 0.0, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. That would be moved into the 'polling station' thread...
  12. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock add 'poke trainer' game

    Intro Hi. I thought it would be a cool idea to add a new game, the Poke Trainer game How does it work? It is simple. You have your own survival world no one can access without inv apart from you. You start off with a starter pokemon and 1 poke ball. Then you go around the survival world catching...
  13. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock Make a randomizer modifier in all games (except parkour and minerware)

    Intro Hi. So I thought that it would be a cool idea to add a randomizer mode to all games except parkour and minerware because Parkour dosen't really have proper modifiers becausse its parkour not like a race and minerware doesn't have any modifiers. What would this do? What this would do, lets...
  14. Rabidsyllab

    My re-intro

    Hi. I'm doing a re-intro because my 1st one was kinda lame. :cube_light:What I like:cube_light: Colour: Red Food: Fish nuggets Animals: Fishes and Guinea pig CC Games: Blockwars, Eggwars and Skyblock Fantasy animal: DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲 Players: @-pokemondjs7-, @PratyayPro5 and @Organic...
  15. Rabidsyllab

    Add the island bastion remnant in the nether

    Hi. so there are 4 nether island and 9 overworld island but lets get into the post. The reason why i did this post is because i want more use for the nether then glowstone trees Mobs that come into the island Hoglin (10 hearts, hostile) Piglin (15 hearts, hostile if not wearing gold) New shop...
  16. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock make /sr have server gameplay rules.

    Hi. I have recently met 3 1.5 rulebreaker. he and his friend is is 1 of the 1.5 rulebreaker joined my skywars game so i went to /sr and when to report him but it had hacking options not sever gameplay actions and hacking actions. here is a example. I would report him but my evidence wouldn't...
  17. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock add 'paintball' minigame

    Hi. so I would like to add a paintball minigame So what is it? It is a game where you have a fishing rod and you from snowball at a wall and it paints your team colour here is a little drawing of what it looks like its basically Pumpkin carving minigame, a halloween event How will it effect...
  18. Rabidsyllab

    Alphabet game

    Hi here is a fun game its quite simple its a game where you count up but instead of numbers its letters Member1 : A Member2: B Member3: C etc. We will start from A if we get to Z, Member26: Z Member27 : AA Ruels No repeating. Let someone reply then reply Go up by 1 letter Start Ready, set...
  19. Rabidsyllab

    Bedrock Make bridges better

    Hi. So recently cubecraft added a new map to blockwars bridges treasure Blockwars update but still there are only 4 maps still so here is some suggestions to add Garden Car Food Playground Home Why would this be a good idea? It would be a good idea because then we would have more choice and in...
  20. Rabidsyllab

    All Networks make it so bedrock can friend inv and party inv java

    Hi. so it would be a pleasure :cube_light: to make it so we bedrock or java players can inv bedrock or java players so bedrock can inv java and java can inv bedrock. Intro Hi. This is a feature to allow a edition player to invite the other edition player. So a bedrock player could inv a java...
  21. Rabidsyllab

    All Networks add commands to change your cages and win effects

    hi. so you might have got a new win effect or cage or stuff like that and realized 'I haven't equipted it, dang' and had to leave a game. here is a command /change and it opens a menu or /change win (win effect) or /change cage (cage name) and it would change but you can not do it during pvp. so...
  22. Rabidsyllab

    All Networks Add a new rule in server gameplay

    Hi. So I thought 1.5 trolling isn't clear for spawn killing so add a rule for spawn killing 1.12 spawn killing If a player/players has trapped you with obsidian a kill you but don't break your egg. If in blockwars you are getting spawn killed but they don't get killed that is considered this rule
  23. Rabidsyllab

    Take this poll of blockwars

    Hi. Can you please take this poll. If you are un the middle of 2 you can choose either. Thank you. Please comment how many wins. Cheers mines is 469
  24. Rabidsyllab

    Knightfury clan

    Hi. So me and @-pokemondjs7- have agreed to join forces and have made the pokèdragon clan how it works. If via poll you are looked at FAQ What games do we play? Well. We play a lots of blockwars Bridges and eggwars but once a week we practice pvp skills in FFA and other games How many are...
  25. Rabidsyllab

    Subtract till staff interrups

    Hi. So it's a subtracting game How it's works Member1 7 Members 6 Membersd 5 Staff nope Rules No Repeating Go down by 1 If we get to 0 we negatives so -1 Start at 111 111
  26. Rabidsyllab

    All Networks Creative gamemode/survival gamemodes

    Hi. So this occured to my last night rhat cube hasn't added creative or survival gamemodes so here we go Skyblock lobby should be proper lobbys like blockwars and eggwars, it contains 3 games Skyblock, Creative and survival Creative here are some helpful commands to make some fun /tp accept/deny...
  27. Rabidsyllab


    hi. so as you know cube doesn't have droppers. so why parkour with droppers. so here is what i'm thinking Modes Easy Medium Hard Impossible shaking his head so then there would be 9 maps per game so here are so here mads tht i'd like to be included (cube your desinging i'm suggesting ok?)...
  28. Rabidsyllab

    not visible players

    hi. idk if it me but i can't see players unless theey are in my party in lobby. If cube changed this plz let me know. thx
  29. Rabidsyllab

    My target

    Don't ask questions why I translated it is to spanish hi. i'm have set myself a goal. i have got to by the end of the year on blockwars get 1550 enemy this captured 800 games played 400 wins here is a link to my spreadsheet...
  30. Rabidsyllab

    Dragon clan(redo)

    Hi! so I alreday made a dragon clan post but as the rule says 3.11 - Repeating active or forwarded threads Please don't repeat active/forwarded threads. You may only open a new thread discussing the same topic if the previous thread has been locked due to inactivity...
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